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Portuguese Translation

By nvkz July 03, 2014, 10:38:37
Well, I was looking some portugese translation and I want to ask/help in somethings. In my point of view there are something will be better on gerund than verb tense. Like:
Control - Wakfu Translate (Controlar) - My view (Controle)
Things like that... where I can help to report or discuss better this things?
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Add to that the translation of the races....

OMG! What was that translation? Please!

The ecaflip were transformed into aorocarac.....

NO! Please! That's a TERRIBLE Name!
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I saw the translation in beta, and it's simply awful. I don't know how can they hire such a bad translator. Maybe they used google translator
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Please do not translate the race names.There is no sense in doing it, dofus have a perfect translation.Focus on that kinda of thing.
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The translations are so bad it hurts to see xD
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Yeah, gobballs have a weird name as well, some mobs and dungeons got a nice and smart translations, but gobballs and some classes... Sometimes the original name fits better than a translation.
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