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By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 26, 2014, 17:03:20
Hello everyone,

Please share here any feedback you may have to share about the changes made on the Drago-Express, that you may find on the Beta server.

If you are encountering any bugs, please report them in this section: Here.
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Never mind
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I don't like the changes..not everyone wants to run around in mounts. There's too much running if you don't want a mount.
Forcing people to do something one way is what wakfu needs to avoid

This is why adding tokens is liked by everyone because it's a different way but you're also not taking away drop % for things.

When you take away all those dragoturkeys you're doing the same thing you did with tokens..annoying the people who like dragoturkey traveling. 
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In most of the places I did not notice much of the removal of turkeys. But please, please do not take away the one at the entrance of Chillberg 2 (near the hunter camp). Makes it a really long walk to Snowbound*2 Village without a zaap.
Also, having turkeys in the Harebourg Castle is kind of ridiculous. That is one of the smallest maps.
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