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rogue bomb damage: please associate cost with it

By Szega June 16, 2014, 12:20:38
I have tested the changes to rogues' bombs and in general, they seem ok. But there are some special combat situations where it becomes rather problematic. The two that comes to mind first are Bilbiboyz and Polar Cracklers.
It used to be that rogues didnt get the "beat" from the 'boyz if they used bombs, because it was damage inflicted by a summon. Now they get the state, but bombs do not lower the level of state, since no AP cost is associated with them.
Polar Cracklers have been a problem for rogues since their introduction as bombs cannot lower Icy Armor.
Both problems could be solved if the cost of the bomb would be associated with the damage inflicted. Can we please have that?

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