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By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 13, 2014, 21:16:07
Hello everyone,

Please share here any feedback you may have to share about Srambad that you may find on the Beta server.

If you are encountering any bugs, please report them in this section: Here.

Thank you for your participation!
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Only issues ive seen is just things not being translated. At the very end of the quest the sram boss guard boss guy and the sram miliatia man just say hungry hungry hungry hungry instead of saying anything else... so im guessing that something wasnt translated or a bug... idk.
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ok thanks for your feedback.

I'll see on Monday with our translation team.

What is your opinion on the graphic environment ans monsters ?

Score : 768
Graphically it looks great, looks like some re-used animations which is the only down side but hey that's pretty common in this game.
Score : 12056
The environment is fantastic and really well planned out. Its very pleasing aesthetically and to me fits with the sram theme. Honestly its a very well put together area with dragos in nice places and the mission line is very interesting. My only complaint about the main quest line is that when you are trying to kill the enutrof ambassador. The hors d'oeuvres do not really show up on the table so its hard to figure out what your suppose to do or find it once its out in the main hall. I of course could be blind but i found that part frustrating cause i couldnt find them to poison when it got to that point. I really liked the theft quest even though it took me awhile to get use to it biggrin.

I think the mobs look very nice. In fact from what i fought of them they seemed fairly balanced but i only tested them a bit to see what could be captured. Beside that i dont have a huge amount to say about them beside they look nice and seem well balanced to me.

I hope that helps.
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i think main set drop boss is very bad than dragon pig pls see this set and revamp ! i think nothing will do this dungeon ty
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