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New Items Feedback

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - May 29, 2014, 08:59:12
Please share here any feedback you may have to share about new items you may find on the Beta server.

If you are encountering any bugs, please report them in this section: Here.

Thank you for your participation!
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I can only give feedback regarding the craftable items, since i would need to drop the dropable ones to see their stats and give feedback.
Sabi, is it possible you make screenshots of the items and post them here, so we can give see the new items we shall give feedback about? So we can give feedback after seeing all of them, not just the ones we stumble across coincidentally.

@ Carte Bancaire
This will be the second single-handed earth-water-weapon in the game. (at the moment we only have
Maltial Alt Staff). But, unfortunately, both of them give zero HP. This makes them a pretty bad choice for most characters. Since Maltial Alt Staff already has zero HP, i would beg Ankama to at least give this weapon some HP. Otherwise, people will just stick to Rogmourne.

@ Shushu Emblem
At the moment it can't be equipped. (Further research showed that it seems to have the same restrictions as the Iop emblem, resulting in only Iops being able to equip it(?))
But there is another problem. At the moment people who don't wear costumes look like their class emblem most of the times. It would be stupid not to wear it, statwise. Well, the Shushu emblem simply gives better stats (100 HP > 9% DMG).
So soon, everyone who can get their hands on this emblem will look the same.
Whats worse then only 12 different looks? Well, if everyone looks the same...
Pls don't do this Ankama ._..

@ General
There are a bunch of new resources from both dimensions. But most of them are only used in one recipe. I really don't like this. With the upcoming crafting revamp Ankama wants to remove many resources that are only used in one till two recipes. But now they introduce more one-use-resources? This doesn't make sense to me and i would prefer to see multiple uses for each of the new resources.
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I expected the items from each class's respective dimensions to be tailored towards those classes in some way. I didn't expect however, that a class like Sram who has no earth branch, has all earth items in their dimension.

My recommendation is to look at the items that the dimensions come with and reevaluate them to match the class they're representing. Those classes aren't the only ones who would benefit from items like that; we have other classes that share the same elemental branches, who could also utilize the bonuses that would benefit a Sram (backstab damage increases, fire/water fire/air water/air or general damage-oriented equips, higher dodge) or an Enutrof (MP and/or range bonuses, fire/water fire/earth water/earth or general damage-oriented equips, higher dodge, prospecting bonuses).

The items can be seen in this thread: Click here 
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Thank you SSBKewkky, until now i didn't knew of the thread you linked.

Well, i have to agree to you. It's strange how the items of the new dimensions don't seem to have any connection to the classes of the dimension. It's not they should only be interesting to the dimensions class, but Sram-dimension full of earth damage gear? No PP on Enutrof gear?
The lack of PP is especially unfair for Enutrofs, since they rely on it for damage. While Masqus and Rogues still get their Dodge/Ini on almost every item.

The shovel neither has an AP nor PP. A long time ago i got Exel ancestral Shovel because i thought it was THAT Enutrof item. Well, now my Sidekick wears it. Because i don't use my Sidekicks often, otherwise i would give him better stuff.
It would be nice to see a Shovel with AP and PP again. Two-handed weapons almost always are worse then combinations of one-handed weapons and a dagger.

The new items show a lack of fire-water-gear, while fire-air and earth-air keep getting love.

Dombre Tombant is really strange. It gives only one kind of elemental resistance. I doubt somebody will wear it.
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i think from the items ive been able to see is that i am disappointed in teh enu gears lack of pp because not only is it enutrof dimension BUT beside lenald and wabbit to a degree there isnt any good high level pp sets. Dont even get me started on the fact there isnt any pp sets for air elements at all i think. Point is i am upset enu gear doesnt have pp on it.
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It's shocking to see Enutrof themed equipment from their respective Dimensions, all without Prospecting.

I really hope this is fixed before implementation on the live servers!!!

Nothing could be worse than no PP for Enu equipment, except maybe Osamodas equipment without Control and CMC.

Please Sabi, tell them to respect the classes they're representing, and have at least a portion of the items from each dimension be excellent fits for the class they're related to.
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So there was a beta update today, but we were told to "find the surprises" instead of what we should be looking for. Has anyone gotten in contact with the people who posted the items to see if any changes had been made to them? I posted in the thread, but maybe someone has them in their contacts list in the game or on skype...?
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Basically what people in this thread have said. I want the items to have bonus that fit the characteristic of the class of the dimension. Sram Realm's items should have back stab damage, or MP. Enu Realm's should have PP, -MP%.

If we tie this to the elements as well, it is inevitable that for each dimension one element will be left out. For that, we could fix it by releasing two dimensions at once to cover all four elements. However, I don't feel like this is entirely necessary.
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I know that you can go up to 150 on the test server now, but I don't know if it was like that before, or why that'd really even matter.
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