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Enu Realm and Osa Realm Class Active Spells?

By TommyTrouble - MEMBER - April 16, 2014, 06:54:36
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Hi everyone! I think I'm a little late to be stepping in, but I think this needs to be made clear.

This whole thing was actually a hoax from the very beginning.

"Gold Rush", "Spiritual Leash", and the quest "Wakfu Flood: Excarnam to Inglorium" do not exist and have never existed on the beta server.

The beta server's main text file (the file that holds literally all of the text that can appear in the game, located in your Ankama\WakfuBeta\game\contents\i18n\ folder) makes no mention of any of these things in French or in English.

This is most likely all that happened:

A duel was started with the Enu and Osa.

The Enu spent the entire battle filling the map with gold mines by digging them up with a drheller and using Mine Mover. While the Enu filled the map with gold mines, the Osa collected +control from the speed/initiative bonuses. The control gained from speed bonuses does last for the entire battle.

By the time the map was entirely filled with gold mines, the Osa probably had enough, or nearly enough, control to summon everything in the gobgob.

These two classes were the perfect choices since they can both do something that looks interesting after spending a really long time in a battle. (A pretty map full of gold mines and having 5 high level summons out at once.)

While being a little bit vague about it, Tommy did basically admit it was a hoax here.
Would it make you feel better if I told you that these new class spells don't actually seem to exist? I am so excited about the class realms that I may have hallucinated a bit. Maybe Ankama will communicate with us and we'll get some good, juicy information about their plans. We can hope. We can dream.
So I just wanted to make it clear that, yes, Tommy was hallucinating quite a bit.

This was all only, what I assume to be, a late April Fool's prank and nothing more. (And I have to admit, it was very well-played on Tommy's part and everyone else in the thread who played along with the prank. tongue)
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So is it a lie? huh

*throws flames to Tommy* fire

*climbs near Ogrest and starts crying* water
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thats so sad.
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Finally an interesting idea and it happens to be a joke, just like the other stuff....

everything in this game is a joke sleep 
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ThyHolyOverlord|2014-04-18 21:47:39
everything in this game is a joke sleep
And most of them are not funny... <_< 
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ThyHolyOverlord|2014-04-18 21:47:39
Finally an interesting idea and it happens to be a joke, just like the other stuff....

everything in this game is a joke sleep
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