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Another Pvp patch, still no non pvp servers

By April 01, 2014, 07:01:38
Why do they refuse to accept all the people that want to play Wakfu pve?
Why do they hold on to their retarded pvp focus so pathetic?
Why would they refuse to make tiny changes to please fans, and get some money?
There is only one reason i can think off... Being complete assholes!
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or they arent complete assholes, just short of staff. Theres far more problems with this game then pvp atm.
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lmao another pvp patch what? since when has then been ANY and I mean ANY pvp content updates besides giving people multiplied HP and allowing MM to join fights . Some people are just so dense i cant even stand it
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nobody is forcing you to pvp, run with groups and pk won't be an issue. they are short on server resources as is if you haven't noticed the lag, why add another sub server to attribute more stress.
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