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Running with arrow keys.

By Ekmidenisi - MEMBER - February 25, 2014, 08:03:17
Since I haven't seen anyone mention it on the forums yet, I really like being able to run around in the world with arrow keys on the beta server. happy

I'm guessing that this is what's causing problems with being able to turn while in combat, but once everything's figured out, I really do hope this gets implemented.

I noticed we could run with arrow keys on the beta server before the shushu update, but it didn't make it into the live update. But it's been improved a lot since then! (Back then, you could only move in the literal up, down, left, and right directions, but now you can run in all 8 directions.)

1. If possible, make it so characters can run up and down stairs while running with arrow keys. Currently, players can't run over any tiny changes in elevation with the arrow keys.

2. Allow players to change their direction outside of combat with Shift + Arrow Key. (Inside of combat, pressing an arrow key should still turn the player by default.) But all of that could still be changed in the shortcuts menu.
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I second this, and also maybe a touch screen update at some point.

Playing this game on touchscreen sucks abit
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I've been watching this improve, and it's really nice now!

They did change it so you can run up and down stairs and other types of elevations now.

And they added the ability to change your direction with Shift + Arrow Key.

Running with arrow keys is surprisingly good at navigating around walls and other stuff that might block your path.

I can't wait to have this in the live servers!
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