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Ninja Nerfed rogue D=

By JuStpLaiNtalENt February 03, 2014, 22:38:44
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Basil-Verde-fon-Griffer|2014-02-04 18:12:45
Readin bunch of nonsence in this thread i just want to say:

Ppl that want nerfs just cause pvp loses - go out throu window or rush in the wall. U are stupid.
wtf, fire rogues are shit in pvp, in pve tho with the dumb AI they can wipe stages the fastest. Get 2 rogues with 2 ctrl and each laying a dual wall, you can clear emiw dungeon stages in just a few turns.
Setting them up is also a joke, you can go 9ap/ extra range and full ini, get shittonz of dmg. Turn 1 rogues set a wall each, turn 2 they set the extra wall and deal up to 4x dmg on 3 middle tiles, ridiculous.

I also hope they nerf enus soon, limit their mp on zerk form.
Hi guys,

Going back on my previous reply: After verification, the changelog for the February update is the one to look out for as far as the proposed upcoming changes and it will be updated tomorrow, so it may also contain the proposed changes regarding: Wall of Flame and Piercing Shot, so stay tuned!
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Wall of flame? XD Firewall sabi.

You watching too many holywood movies!biggrin 
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