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Nation quest

By #[Troyle] November 29, 2013, 15:16:10
Your feedback on the Chapter 1 of the Nation quests.
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Sufokia = The door is glitches, if you want to enter it you need to click a little on the left. When you enter the building there are npc available but they won't talk about the quest.

Bonta = like Sufokia you need to search on the left of the door to acces it but this building does not have any NPC at all

Brakmar = The building cannot be entered

Amakna = The door can be accessed normally and talking to the npc gives you a battle, after the fight you can talk again to get a quest item. In the next quest you take the canoon to an island which looks really deserted but this quest appears to be fine to.

After talking to Greed you play detective like with the wild gobball questline, ive seen the text about an Amaknian flag all ripped already multiple times. it shows every time you look at footprints and other interactive items.

after entering the traphole you get a fire of love, the fight works to but the ripped flag message shows here to. The quest that makes to talk with all guards works to, everyone becomes interactive and tells you stuff. This quest gives you the bow emote. The final quest makes you gather 100 CP but this appears to be bugged as i already gathered 500CP.

After completing all quests i find them a little unrewarding. i think it would have been more fun if you could get a piece of equipment with every part or something. Only exp is boring wink 
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I see I have something new to explore. Never heard about this.
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Just giving confirmation that TheHolyOverlord was correct with Bonta (only one I've tested), the door itself is not actually interactable, but the space to the left of it is, and it will let you in. Once you're inside, there's no NPC's, and only "Caisse de vétements de la Garde" is interactable (aside from chairs and seats), making you respond with the message "It's the amaknian flag.. it's all ripped up."

Nothing to really do in the area.
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I finished the nation quest in Amakna up to "Le Repos du Guerier" and "L'epreuve du feu".
The only bug was, that everything you have to examine schows the explanation "It's the amaknian flag.. it's all ripped up.".

I liked both the Astrub and the Nation Questline so far.
But it will be boring to redo it with every one of my characters (it's necessary because you have to redo it to get certain things like the Guard Emblem or the Chevalier d'Astrub).

Edit: Appearently Sidekicks are used per Account, similar to Krosmaster figurines. (So it's enough to get the Chevalier once).