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Wild Estate

By #[Troyle] October 30, 2013, 17:44:36
Please post in this topic to share your feedback about the last modifications of Wild Estate.

If you encountered any bugs, please use this section: Click here 
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As a level 57 character, the experience was very good. The Excarnates challenge gave a good amount of experience and even if you failed the challenge you are still rewarded for attempting it. However the Drhellers challenge was difficult for me to attempt alone and the Drhellers should be modified.

I can't talk about the quest because it hasn't been translated but it did not seem interesting. The layout of the island is interesting and I liked having Excarnus in the center of the area and people can see inside of it. There were not many secrets to find nor were there much mobs to fight.

Both the new gobs and Bworks are designed well but Bworks seem overly difficult for their level. While fighting a group of 2, the Bworks gained about 4 buffs on the first turn and they can create more relics easily.
Score : 1254
Excellent. I like everything about it, how it looks, the music, the addition of turkeys. Mobs were interesting. No complaints here.