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Beta Server Update - 16 March

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 16, 2022, 17:00:00


A corrective patch has been prepared but will not be deployed on the Beta server. You will find these modifications directly on Rubilax and Pandora when the update goes live.


Non-Elemental Spells

  • Last Breath
    • 3 AP, 1 to 5 Range
    • Cast on a summon :
      • 4 MP
      • 4 Range
      • Dies at end of turn
    • Per turn spent on the field ("Summons" level) :
      • 10% Damage inflicted
      • 10% Heals performed
      • The Osamodas recovers 1 WP
    • 3 turns cooldown


  • The Art of Taming
    • Added a new effect
    • Summoned creatures have Summoning Sickness (1 turn)
    • -40% Damage inflicted
    • Regenerates 1 WP on the Osamodas at the start of its next turn

Osamodas summons

  • Gobbette
    • Burning kiss
      • Applies the "Burning Kiss" mark on the target, which heals them and their allies in the area if they fall below 20% of their max HP
      • The state is immediately removed if the target already has less than 20% of their max HP
      • The state lasts two turns instead of one
  • Elite Chafer
    • Vengeful Tibia
      • Removes 15% Block (instead of 25)
  • Gerbean
    • Thunder
      • Added a 2 turns cooldown
      • Improved damage consequently
    • Lightning Strike
      • The Gerbean doesn't suffer damage if the Gearbean itself is in the area of effect
    • Thunderbolt
      • Removed the cast per target limitation
    • Thunder and Thunderbolt put visual markers for their aftershocks
  • Inanite
    • Jump
      • The spell is now 1 use per turn and doesn't have a 2 turns cooldown anymore
  • Standard-Bearing Whisperer
    • Motivating Whisper
      • Allies get a 1 max MP bonus in addition to the resistances
  • Tofu
    • Tofu kiss
      • Removed the cast on target limitation (it still has a 2/turn limitation)

Cosmetics inventory

Fixed a variety of issues on the "no hat costume" mode.

Dimensional rifts

In order to compensate for the region bonuses that are not applied to dimensional rifts, a prospecting and wisdom bonus is added to the rifts every X waves defeated:
  • Every 5 waves defeated in a classic rift: +5 Prospecting and +5 Wisdom (max 40)
  • Every 2 waves defeated in an Ultimate Rift: +10 Prospecting and +10 Wisdom (max 40)


Ogrest tokens can no longer be obtained or exchanged for equipment. Old tokens owned by characters can be exchanged for keys (60 tokens) to access the Mount Zinit Peak.


A malus of 5% Armor given and received is added to Abandon. This malus increases for each level of Sublimation. At level 6, Abandon gives 3 WP, 3 Range and -30% Armor given and received.

AP return : AP recover is no longer performed outside of the player's turn (glyphs, summons, poisons, etc.). This change aims to correct cases where the player could not use sublimation correctly during his turn because he had triggered the AP regain of sublimation (limited to 2/turn) outside his turn by finishing enemies with his summons, glyphs, poisons, etc...

The Theory of Matter malus is passed on to the Osamodas' invocations and the Zobal's Masked Spirit.

Modified the Punt Boots characteristics :
  • 2 AP, 347 HP, 140 Lock, 6% Block, 210 Tri mastery, 30 Fire and Water Resistance