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Beta Changelog - 11.06

By [Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 11, 2018, 15:32:11


Mur de Poudre (Wall of Powder)
  • The effects of the Mur de Poudre will no longer be played multiple times on monsters with 9 or more boxes.
  • The Mur de Poudre will no longer lose its cooldown with the Advanced Gadgets passive.
  • The damage of the Wall of Powder will correctly be based on the Distance Mastery with the passive Lunette de Visée (Telescopic sight).
  • The bonus effect of Pulsar will no longer be lost if the player chooses a Velocity bonus.
  • The Pulsar cooldown will work properly.
Other corrections
  • The different gameplays of monsters and classes with "only in melee" or "only ranged" effects no longer rely solely on the actual distance between the two targets, but on the type of the effect. For example, if the effect is judged as a melee effect, even if it is fired remotely, it will correctly play the melee effects. This corrects the interactions with the bombs that could create inconsistencies in some gameplays.
  • Roublabot's Bombshell spell will cost MPs as expected. Its cost is reduced to 2 PM (instead of 4).
  • The AP cost of the Bombe aveuglante (Blinding Bomb) (Fire) and the Bombe Paralysante (Paralyzing Bomb) (Earth) will no longer be abnormally changed with the Lunette de Visée (Telescopic sight) passive.
  • Cross-fire will extend all its effects by 2 squares and not just damage.
Minor corrections
  • Armor generated by the Rogue is now limited to 100% of his maximum HP.
  • The Smoke spell will have the correct visual, as well as the spells affected by its modifier.
  • The description of the Bombe aveuglante (Blinding Bomb) (Fire) and the Bombe Paralysante (Paralyzing Bomb) (Earth) damage has been updated.
  • It is no longer possible to use Detonation, Petarade or Roublabot’s Detonation in single-target when there is no nearby bomb because the spell would have had no effect in this situation.


We fixed a bug preventing certain spells from being cast on 9-cell monsters (Ouginak Prey, Enutrof Debt, Rogue Detonation, etc.). This correction can bring undesirable side effects, do not hesitate to give us feedback about any problem impacting the spells and the 9 boxes monsters!

To do so, we invite you to try this modification on the following monsters:
  • Excarnus's lair
  • The Gobbalrog's Lair
  • The Undieworld
  • Larventura
  • Jelly Dungeon
  • The Stalagmotel
  • Schnekymosis
  • Dirty Trouffe Estate
  • Dreggons’ Sanctuary
And to motivate you, we will give a new title to the first 3 ranked teams in each of these instances on friday the 15th at 10AM CEST! The title: Bhug Hunter!


  • Corrections on the battle swords interface (bug in beta only).
  • We fixed a case that prevented the pet interface from correctly displaying the pet's appearance.
  • The Kamas amount will correctly display to Heroes (bug in beta only).
  • We fixed a bug impacting quest tracking and the Almanax quests (bug in beta only).
  • Putting objects in a collector (dungeons’ steles for example) will correctly update the interface (bug in beta only).
  • The "Register" button of the voting interface will not be grayed out if the kamas possessed are higher than the old limit of kamas (bug present in beta only).


  • We fixed a bug that prevented some players from correctly receiving the battlefield start notification.
  • Removing a player from the group will no longer force him out of the Battlefield (bug in beta only).
  • It is now impossible to /suicide in the tutorial.
  • Characters that cannot be locked will no longer stop when entering a lock area.