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Beta Update - Display issue 9 April

By [Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 09, 2018, 17:05:48
Hello everyone,

With the latest update, if your screen has a high resolution, you might experience a display issue

We have prepared a fix for this that will allow interfaces to scale with higher resolutions. We want to test this fix first in Beta and gather feedback before applying it to the live servers. Once we can confirm it is working, we will apply the fix as soon as possible.

We opened the Beta to test our fix so if you encounter this issue please try this Beta version and give us your feedback here!
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Changes made for this beta:
  • Scaling will no longer be active for all resolutions. From now on, it will be activated progressively from a resolution of 1875 * 1013. The low limit remains the same.
  • This change should limit the blurry rendering we've been getting since the first correction on scaling
  • The "shears" could still appear. - The scaling will be functional under Windows (including with a system scaling)
  • Scaling will no longer shift "overheads" (bubbles appearing when hovering your mouse over characters, resources, etc.), life bars, and any other graphic element that could have been shifted

We have unfortunately not been able to test these recent changes on MAC, do not hesitate to report any problems you encounter here, especially with the switch to "Full Screen" which, we hope, should no longer cause blocking.