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EXP Leveling System Question

By Healsppark July 19, 2012, 21:51:27
Hello everyone! smile I have a question concerning how (if at all) level differences affect the EXP received in certain situations. All help appreciated!

I'm level 49 and I want to help my beginner cousin level quickly. If I take him to Polters (high level creatures), will he receive any experience? Would he receive EXP if I took him to weaker monsters even if there's a significant level difference between us? I heard something about the closer your total group level is to the monster or mob you're fighting the better experience you receive. I'm not sure. I'd really like to help my cousin level up (he's a total noob). Other than that, I really want to understand the EXP system.

All help is thoroughly appreciated! Thank you! laugh
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hey there...
i am a noob myself but,
i could suggest getting wisdom item for him as for wisdom item would let him get better experience...

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