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Efficient spell leveling?

By CloudyMind - MEMBER - May 15, 2012, 08:42:40

I couldn't help but notice that while leveling there are some spells that you use more frequently than others. I also read about some recent changes about not being able to gain spell xp when you reach the level cap anymore. Since some spells are more situational than others it really can't be helped.

So here is my question: Is spell xp tied in any way with character xp? Can you just go back to low level areas before you hit 105 and level up your spells as efficiently as it would be if you were fighting mobs equal to your level? And taking it to the extremes here, can you gain spell xp when you don't actually hit any target? Basically i want to exploit the system. :p

Thanks in advance.

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Spell EXP is 10% of your base EXP.
got 1000 exp got 100 spell exp.
if you use 1 spell that spell got 100 exp.
if you use 2 spell they divide exp.

EDIT: that's why someone recommend to use weapon after the low level spell is cast. to get the full exp to that spell.

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My mind was just blown! That sounds too contrived honestly. Not the mechanism itself but thinking how i could work that out for end game is already giving me a slight headache. :s
Thanks for reply.

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Maybe less headache when the new system arrives:

Click here

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