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Short Guide to Spells' Ambiguous Use of Mastery

By Thothus#6662 - MEMBER - January 23, 2023, 02:26:04

A quick reference for people's understanding (until perhaps a few major patches later if area mastery ever gets removed). Usually glyphs and floor traps are known area-mastery-using spells and status effect poisons are single target-mastery-using spells

Flaming - area mastery

Lunar star on Osamodas using Eastern Star - single target mastery (!)

Firedamp explosion - area mastery
Shovel shaker - single target mastery for the extra hit

Sram (traps? Need input from Srams)
Bloody blade -

Distortion - area or single target mastery matches the spells casted next
Shrivelling - area or single target mastery matches depends on which is higher
Cog - area mastery
Sinistro - area mastery
Specialised mechanism - area mastery

Hunter - the leap hit uses single target mastery
Up to scratches - side hits and frontal hits all use area mastery now

Eniripsa (input from eniripsas needed)
Sadist Mark - the heal part
Hammle Mark - the damage part
Refund Mark - the heal part
Traid Mark - the heal part

Drain - the damage part uses single target mastery, the heal part uses area mastery (and fails to heal the sadida)
Poisoned wind - single target mastery
Sic 'em more - single target mastery only

Poisoned Chalice - single target mastery only, despite being a heavy area class

Detonation - single target mastery if you target the enemy, area mastery if you target the bomb
Powder wall - area mastery
Sticky bomb - area mastery

Collisions - single target mastery only

Canine - area only

Turret's water shot - single target mastery
Turret's earth shot - area mastery
Hot wheels - area mastery

Incandescence - single target mastery only
Portal disciple - single target mastery


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Removing AoE from a game like this just makes no sense. They already ruined foggers aoe when it comes to close combat earth element quite hard. Eagerly waiting what goes next.

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I don't see what's ambiguous about these. Damage that effects multiple targets is AoE, period.

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Robotic Strategy - Single target
Mechanical Substitution Fire - AoE except Flambe for some reason, which scales with Single target

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Barinade#8773|2023-01-26 23:38:45
I don't see what's ambiguous about these. Damage that effects multiple targets is AoE, period.

Poisoned wind casts on multiple targets but does single target poison
Eastern Star on Osamodas applies single target damage target by target but in an area. This definitely affects the damage and heal while you are in Dragon mode
Portal Disciple makes use of a portal as a "field glyph" instead of a "state poison" but does single target damage
Fogger's turret's distance shot hits multiple targets but does single target damage

I don't know what's the big deal about clarifying them in a post. There isn't very obvious cases mentioned like Panda's and Cra's ST spells casted on barrels and beacons, rebounds, and hupper's shiny orbs. Are you the type to think if an AoE spell only hits a single target it uses ST mastery?
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Fire and Water traps - AoE
Air Trap - ST
Bloody blade - ST
Hemorrhaging - ST

A general rule of thumb is that you need to look at how the damage is applied.
If damage can hit multiple enemies at the same time, it's AoE.
If the damage can only only hit/trigger on one enemy at a time, it's ST.

So even if you apply a DoT to multiple enemies at once, the damage only ticks on one enemy at a time, so it's ST.

I remember one of Eca's skills used to be different because it had applied two different instances of damage, one AoE and one ST. But the first post say it's all AoE now. I'll take you word for it.
Exceptions are usually mentioned or hinted at somewhere in the skill description.
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