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Stasis and light damage and how they work with the "alternation" relic sublimation

By ImRad#6722 - MEMBER - January 13, 2023, 22:56:51

Quick question:

Does anyone know how light damage and stasis damage is treated by the game when it comes to alternation sublimation? Does light and stasis damage count as their own element or are they just counted as the element they hit in?

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Stasis and Light will "pick" an element upon hitting the enemy. Light is a bit easier to control because it choses your highest elemental Mastery and rolls with it, Stasis on the other hand will pick the element the enemy have less resistance off but use your highest Elemental Mastery for the numbers. So let's say the enemy have less resistance on Earth but your highest mastery is 1800 in Fire. You will deal damage of 1800 Earth on the enemy. So yes, all things considered for Alternation and those "don't use X element" Light and Stasis will count as whichever element they hit with.

Also, despite the name, the effect of Flaming deals Light damage.

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