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Dungeon lvl 120 strategy

By Rouvinne#8815 - MEMBER - November 20, 2021, 01:14:09

I'm a solo returnee, trying to farm lvl 120 dungeons with 2 sidekicks, but I've forgotten most of the strategies. Given that all bosses seems to have some kind of invulnerability mechanic, can someone share me the strategies to beat them?

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For the Whirly dungeon just smack the boss in melee range (meaning right next to it) and it becomes vulnerable for 1 players turn. Be careful while doing this because it will make it stronger for each time you break its invulnerability.

For Missiz Freezz You have to end your turn on a skull tile that the boss spawns, when you do this you will die then automatically be revived by the boss 2 turns later. Once you are in this state you can kill the boss. A smart tactic would be to get the boss almost to its invulnerability then make the damage die so you can quickly revive and defeat it.

For Castuc dungeon "Just don't", with a 3 person team that has 2 sidekicks you will probably just die. If you want to try anyway then the smartest thing to do would be to clear out the minions first. After that you will need to stack a buff of each element on the boss by hitting with a spell. Once all of these reach 10 the boss is buffed and is now invulnerable. If your team isn't strong enough to just tank the boss you should try to stack the earth and water elements first and the fire and air later so that the boss doesn't have a damage buff for too long. Once the boss is invulnerable you have 2 turns to deal enough damage to push it into the last phase, if you don't you have to stack the elements again. In the last phase the boss gets a crazy buff and heals some of its health, at this point you just have to survive and kill it.

Sylargh is easy and self-explanitory.

For the snapper dungeon there aren't any weird gimmicks but, the boss does tons of damage, so you just have to be able to survive and kill it.

For the puddly dungeon killing the boss first is a smart way to do it. This makes it so the boss can't use it ultimate skill and it won't be able a water jail you after it dies. If you don't want to be pestered by the other puddlies you could also kill the minions first, but you will have to hide behind the barrels if you don't want to be killed by the boss' skill.

Tormentor dungeon isn't a place for the weak. You can't heal normally, the boos really strong, and you have to deal with its annoying gimmicks. In its first phase it does a devastating attack in a line in front and behind it a the beginning of its turn. During this phase you should probably kill all the minions so you can deal with the boss alone. But since this is a shushu dungeon it isn't that simple, the boss gets buffed when you kill a minion so you can either kill all the minions first to isolate the boss or kill the unbuffed boss and then clean up the minions. In phase two the boss spawns a pillar the will heal it if it is alive at the beginning of the boss' turn and it will also make the devastating attack go in all diagonal directions now. On the last phase every direction is affected by the devastating attack (so you can't even stay next to it or you will just die), it will also spawn back dead minions if you hit its front or sides (they are summon tho so you can just kill the boss and they will die). Every turn the boss will hit one person with an effect that will kill all nearby allies at the end of their turn and will heal the boss if they are near it, but the good thing is it gives you MP and makes you unlockable.

Oh ok, the 140 dungeons are  a bit of a challenge at first.

For the black wabbit you need to start your turn on an edge tile and then end your turn next to the boss, this will remove its invulnerability for the rest of the turn.

For white wabbits you need to step on the edge tiles to spawn in cawwots, if you break 2-3 of these then the boss will become invulnerable for the rest of the turn. Don't spawn too many of these cawwots or the boss can just instakill you.

For the lenalds the boss gets more resistant to the element of the spells you use on it, so rapid hits aren't that great for it. When the fight starts, each minion appears on an invulnerability tile that reappears under them at the start of each turn. This means you will either have to wait until they move to kill them or push them off of the tile. When you kill the boss it will transform into a more buff version, don't be that scared of it tho, its basically a normal lenald with boss stats now. to take off its invulnerability in this phase you need to step on all of the tiles that appear after its turn starts. If you're strong enough you can burst the boss down on the turn that it transforms, but your team most likely won't be able to do this any time soon.

The dark treechnid dungeon is a wierd one; you have to save the boss instead of killing it. To win the battle you have to kill the boss' armor 10 times while making sure its health doesn't drop to zero. Polters will spawn in and try to hit the boss for about 1/5 of its max health so you will need to block them and kill them. Make sure not to end your turn too close to the boss or it will hit you with the area move that it uses at the beginning of its turn. If anyone starts the turn with 30% or less hp the boss will put an effect on them 'polterization', this will make it so that that person can't heal, will lower their res by 200, and will give a damage and crit buff. If you have enough support to keep the damage alive you can polterize them so that they can do extra damage to the boss.

Flaxhid the other shushu dungoen is a bit easier than tormentor. There is an untargetable totem in the center of the battlefield that will take 3% of its hp each turn as well as all the damage that your team sustains. If this totem dies your team will die. If you are within 3 tiles of the totem it will heal you and give you a res buff, this heal will jump to any ally within 2 tiles of you until there are no more allies nearby (this means you can make a 6 person chain to heal your entire team).

Occullege is useless if you already did the Huppermage school quest.

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Actually I meant wabbit's dungeon and the likes. I don't get their mechabics. Black wabbit emiw, for example, dont lose invul state even when i stepped on Cursed Cawwot tile and ends right beside it. Instead, the state dissapears when a sidekick ends their turn 2 tiles away from it. What? 

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