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Two person team of 6 looking for some guidance

By Drsplosion#3578 - MEMBER - September 20, 2021, 00:41:07

Hello everyone!

I have started playing Wakfu with a friend and I need some help with with ideas for a rounded out PvM team. We are currently 110ish and I am working on completing the puzzle pieces.  He will be playing Hupper DPS, Feca shielder/buffs, and Ougi DPS/off-tank (probably a non-negotiable trio).  I've leveled Osa, Cra, Masq, Sadida, Enu, Eca and Panda.  I'm struggling to find a complementary trio to finish our 6-man team and would really love some suggestions from more seasoned players.  If you have any thoughts, I would be grateful to hear them.  I'm open to pretty much anything and everything at this point seeing as I have substantially more free time than he does.

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Let's see... Levels at 110. There is a Hupper, Feca and Ougi prepared.

If it was me, to compliment well with this, there are a few interesting options.

A healer would be nice, so I'm guessing Masq and Sadida works really well to maintain survivability

Positioning, Panda is by far a legit choice, Masq can go too, as long as he's capable of surviving blows.

Perhaps to combo the damage well with Huppermage, a - resistance debuff contributes a pretty lethal hit. I'd say Enu would do the good stuff here.

I might go Enu Panda Sadida, Enu Panda Masq or Masq, Enu, Osa (Another DPS and a please-don't-die-on-me pet) if I wanted to make it work.

Preferably going Enu Panda Masq juuuuust in case there's no partner to play with and I needed enemies to throw a lethal spit on.

Cra? Well, he can replace Osa as another DPS. I'm having a hard time trying to put it somewhere.

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Thank you very much. I'll lean into Enu, Panda, and Masq and keep the Osa in the wings.  In that trio, would I be taking the Enu in the direction of drhellzerker or would distance work as well?

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