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Team Comp suggestions

By xmetalcorex#2189 - MEMBER - February 10, 2021, 02:12:44
Hello Community,

I'm currently running the lvl 141-155 dungeon bracket with my team and heading soon into the next one.

My team is as follows:

- Masq (DD - Tri element with focus on MeM)
- Cra (DD - Air/earth)
- Sacri (Offtank - Fire/earth with lots of MeM and BkM)
- Sram (DD - Tri element)
- Sadi (Support/Healer - Tri element with focus on HM and DiM)
- Enu (DD/"Support" - Fire/water with focus on DiM and ST)

In lower dungeons the damage of the masq with his clone were off the charts.
But in order to complete S21 Wellspring of Evil I had to change my setup and playstyle of the masq completely.
Going from DD to a more supportish playstyle.

And that's why I'm getting second thoughts about my team comp for higher dungeons.

It feels like masq is dropping off as a viable damage dealer compared to the other classes.
Also I'm uncertain if the sadi will be able to heal enough without the added sustain of the masq.

I'm looking forward to your suggestions and I'm thankful for them.
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Your team comp seems fine to be honest? That level bracket is fairly comfy for masq can you share what your deck is? I don't really feel like masq has enough going on for tri builds to really be viable. 
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The deck I used is as follows:


after talking to some other masqs I was recommended a more supportish playstyle.
The deck I came up with is the following:


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