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the often so-confusing damage scaling mechanic

By Jinsenke - MEMBER - October 16, 2020, 19:46:28

goodaye folks
my inquiry is the following:
how the heck does damage scale on finer mechanics in the game?
i'm talking summons, bombs, glyphs and the like
i feel it's a very important information to understand from the get-go without having to spend time on testing or the hope to find the relevant information on the forums but in-game this is nearly absent

what i know is this - correct me if i'm wrong

sadida's dolls have their damage scaling with the caster's bonuses, so if i pump up distance mastery i won't boost the damage on the greedy and if i pump up single-target i won't see an increase neither in the ultra-powerful's attack nor in the sacrificial doll's explosion. so thus melee/distance masteries are calculated from the doll.

osamodas' summons on the other hand scale indipendently from their summoner's stats (as of 1.69 at least) so focusing

glyphs scale with player damage and the cell count starts from the player character

bombs ehm i feel like they scale with melee mastery counting cells from their position but uhm this is all a speculation of mine coming from the passives and a guide of the old version which doesn't explicitly state this - this is basically the reason for which i chose to write this post, as i'm trying out the new version of the rogue and like the dynamics but i'm clueless about how to build my character.

thing is, as a casual player who can't afford to spend more than a bunch of hours a week on the game i kinda want to be able to figure out how damage scales without the need to spend some of those hours on damage testing with different sets and different specs

why can't this info be added in the class books we receive at creation? i wonder


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Specifically about Rogue's bombs, you need to take into account 2 factors: Whether or not you have the passive Visor equipped and the target of Detonation.

The bombs by default will always deal Melee damage regardless of the distance. You can be 10 cells away from the enemy and it will still explode using your Melee Mastery. This changes when you unlock the passive Visor, when equipped it will change the bomb's explosions to Distance damage. 

Now concerning the type of explosion, it depends on who you cast Detonation on. If you use this active directly on a bomb it will explode in Area using your AoE mastery. If you cast Detonation on an enemy (directly on them) the bomb will only damage that enemy dealing Single-Target damage.

The masteries are combined when calculating the damage too accordingly: Melee + ST or AoE / Distance + St or AoE.


  • Without Visor: Melee damage
  • With Visor: Distance Damage
  • If you cast Detonation on a Bomb: AoE explosion
  • If you cast Detonation on an Enemy: Single-Target explosion.
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Plus that the "Visor" also named Scope in game. 

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Not everything you said is correct about Sadi's dolls.
Greedy and heal doll have range 1-3 so if they hit/heal from 1-2 distance they use melee mastery. But if they act from range 3 they use distance mastery.
I'm not sure about sacrificial doll. Insofar i remember it uses AOE, melee masteries and it 's indirect damage. Better off check it again.
They 100% use 'zerk mastery but i don't remember conditions. It's or Sadi<50%HP or doll<50%HP.
Maddoll woefully doesn't inherit Sadi's FoW so it means its only debuff range, no MP.
Well, dolls use corresponding elemental masteries but you know it i suppose. Dolls can crit and benefit from critical mastery fully. Idk about rear mastery.

To evaluate Osa's summon's mastery you need to sum up all masteries (considering ONLY highest elemental one) and multiply it on 0.8

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thank you guys and especially bluhen for the answers, i'm truly grateful - though i think that this information should be readily available in-game as it does not follow a clear logic in the most general of cases. people who come into the game must have this knowledge available without the need to read through the forum or a bunch of devblogs just to understand where characteristic points must optimally be put in.

frankly i don't kno whether thi was the appropriate forum section to raise this discussion but i sure hope it is :^)

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