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Attack Direction does match Character Alignement not

By ritjcxsziufhgzd - MEMBER - September 11, 2020, 02:30:00

Hey, I dont really see the reason for this, could someone explain that to me?

When you are an Eliotrope, if you attack an enemy through a portal, the direction of the attack is irrelavant. So if you stand left of them and fire something like wakmeha from behind through a portal, it counts as an attack from the left. I don't understand why it is done like this, because this really defeats some of the purpose the eliotrope has.

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Their calculations for damage sources are pretty terrible in general, not just for Eliotrope. For instance, any buff that's placed on a unit that causes them to do damage around them, like Flaming or Firedamp Explosion from Enutrofs, use the position of the person who placed the buff rather than the direction from which the damage comes from. This makes no sense, that an explosion which hits an enemy in the back could be considered a "front attack" because the buff-placer is in front of an enemy.

This entire mechanic should be looked at closely.

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