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Elemental mastery, how does it work?

By -Naturel-Evolution- - MEMBER - May 05, 2020, 19:51:16

Hi there,

Old player (played it at launch) is talking a look back at wakfu and playing it. I remember items just having an element like earth or fire, like how gobball set had fire and earth if I'm correct. That's now gone and it is elemental mastery. What does it matter now if I go for gobball set or a tofu set? 

I also don't really get how it works with the whole elemental mastery, single and those things. Can someone tell me where I can find an explanation of it? 



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every spell in the game have an element, and the higher your elemental mastery on each element, higher your attack of same elements. Same goes for single and Area Mastery, they empower your spells designed as AoE or Single Target. The only exceptions are Distance and Melee as they are dictated by the range in which you cast, regardless the spell or element. This is also important for Light spells for huppermages. Their damage takes the element of your highest mastery.

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Thanks you all!
Another question then: if you hit an enemy within 2 cells from the attacker this is considered melee but when it is a single target, do I choose melee mastery or single target mastery? And how does it work with AoE which is within 2 cells of the attacker? Does this account for melee too?

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Each mastery is added if its own conditions apply. So, single target will always be added for single target spells, area for area spells, regardless of distance and if they are for damage or for healing. Melee will apply if the target is at 2 or less cells from your attacker unit, and distance will apply when the target is at 3 cells or further, both for damage and for healing spells. Backstab mastery only adds for damage spells, not for healing ones.

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