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Good Deed + Saved, Do they work together?

By Bluhen - MEMBER - April 24, 2020, 05:33:27

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to pick the Sublimations for my set and I'm interested in adding this 2 Sublimations. "Good Deed" allows you to transfer 1 unused AP to the nearest ally and, in the other hand, "Saved" saves 1 unused AP for the next turn and can be stacked up to 3 times (which lets you save 3 APs for the next turn)

Seeing how both Sublimations work with unused APs, my question is: Which Sublimation is used first? What happens if I have both Sublimations active and end my turn with 1 AP? Would I need to finish my turn with at least 2 AP to trigger them at the same time?

Please help!

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No one knows because Good Deed as a sublimation was cancelled
It isn't in the game, and won't be in the game, this was mentioned in the Beta Server Discord

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks a lot for the info! I was about to buy the items for the roll to try to get the right sockets for Good Deed.
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