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Creating a new 6 man team (need advice)

By Frost-Byte#7239 - MEMBER - April 14, 2020, 07:59:00
I've been playing Wakfu on and off for a long time since closed Beta.
Seeing how the booster packs are quite cheap now and that a server merge is imminent, I've decided to return to the game.

I plan on running two accounts with 6 characters split among them. I enjoy competing in end game content so I would like to get advice from currents experts on what an "ideal" team composition would be like.
I noticed from studying the current dungeon rankings, the stand out classes are Feca, Eni, Fogger (for now), Panda, Enutrof, Sadida, Cra and a few others.

I realise it is wishful thinking at the moment to get a precise answer as the Fogger revamp hasn't been reflected properly in the current rankings. Also that Feca will be getting a rework, I suspect the meta will change heavily.

Mostly I would just like to get some input from end game players on which at least 4/6 characters I should potentially add to my team. 

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You need 2 tanks (currently feca, panda and sacr are best), 1 eni, 1 enu and 2 damage dealers (preferably cra+elio or sram and cra\elio)
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You could consider making a Masq as well as from what I see from the low-mid level dungeon ranks a lot of them run a Masqueraider (sometimes even two of them) with characters that can give +AP to it like a Feca (seems to be a must-have) or Xelor. Enutrof are also a must-have for the team.
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Masq, Feca and Osamodas are getting a revamp. As far as i can read out of the revamps Mask and Feca should get a revamp in terms of specialisation (which will force u too focus more on one role, rather that tank/support or Heal/Support/Damage at the same time). They promise that after this the prefered role will be even stronger that before. For Feca this would be kind of interesting as he already is a very strong support tank and most builds already prefer to be either tank or support, so I  think Feca will stay a top rank. For Masq I have mixed feelings, because his strong point was always that a Masq can switch easily between roles, so even I am playing it and enjoy it the most from my 3 man team i would be a bit careful to choose it now, without really knowing where it leads. About Osmodas they are planing to change the full PokemonSystem dramatically - I suppose that take a lot of the fun that this class brings away (and not to forget the roleplay factor - as many people choose it for this reason). General I would be careful about a fixed list of class that someone provides. U also want to enjoy this game, so try out a bit and choose classes that role and style fits too you. Its a bit like in real life. The most money you make working as a buisness man - but if everybody would be a buisnessman this system will blow itself. We also need all the other jobs to keep the system running. 
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I was hesitant about Feca but I think even if they are changed to be more support or more tank it will still be a good addition.

@Athanaox, I agree with what you said about a fixed list of classes. I only plan on reading this feedback and using it to help me make a decision. I will still take my own interests into account first.

As for the second tank, I wanted to use a Pandawa regardless because of their positioning. If Feca falls out of the meta I might switch to Sac but I doubt that will be the case.
Thanks again.
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