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Pandala Tomb

By Jakkub - MEMBER - April 10, 2020, 19:36:47

Is it intended that the boss of that dungeon suddenly became more intelligent?
Even while showing my tank's back it goes for every single other character making it pretty much impossible for me to do it on 3 stele with the 3 lava lines. Didn't face this problem before, i usually would just show my tank's back and it would go smoothly from there on, but when boss goes for my eniripsa or sram dealing 15k and surrounding it with lava it's just impossible. I tried everything to stop the boss from kicking my alts, buffed their res to 81% with showing my feca/panda back but it STILL goes for my alts, was it intended to make him do this? Before this update this never happened, boss always went for feca.

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1.67 and 1.67.1's changelogs dont appear to refer to any AI improvements or even touching Pandala Tomb
However they did mention fixing some AI issues with Blightopard, its possible they tweaked Pandala as well but didn't mention it

Unless the change was further back and has only been noticed now, in whichcase digging deeper into changelogs will be needed

That said, unless the dungeon becomes impossible to do with the AI change, it's unlikely that anything will change regarding this
Unless of course the behavior is completely bizarre and unwarrented
Still, gonna up this post for visibility, incase a GD want's to confirm 

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