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Your favorite class combos, tricks, and tips

By Desmodatus - MEMBER - March 26, 2020, 17:06:04

Hey everyone,

I have read a lot of class guides and seen some team recommendations but I am curious what your favorite class duos or trios are. Also what move combos work well together or are fun? As a player who has never made it very far in the game I want some insight on who to take for my team and why.

For example I have heard that if you go Eca/Feca you cover a lot of bases by having a tank, lots of buffs, healing, and decent damage all at the same time. Also there is something about giving AP to the bow meow? Who would you take for a third? I was considering going with Enu-zerker build for the resist debuff but then I won't have much fire dmg and no air dmg. Is that a bad idea?

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Looks good to me actually, an eca and a feca. You can pick an air/fire sacrier, or go for a ranged damage dealer like cra (air/earth), huppermage, xelor, fogger. Personally I don't like more than 2 melee damage-dealing chars in a 3-man team, so my pick is for cra or hupper. Xelor and fogger gonna get reworked soon, so I don't know how good they will be after that.

My 3-man team (which I run a lot of things with): feca, masq, hupper.
Feca as a tank, supporter
Hupper as a ranged dd
Masq as whatever you want him to be (healing, positioning, melee damager, giving out mask buff, etc.). This class falls off in the late game stage (so I mostly use him for buffing, positioning and healing), but very strong in the early game (which I use in most als dungeons as a source of damage) 

Hope it helps !

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