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Dungeons and lack of transparency

By Duzy-Sadysta - MEMBER - January 24, 2020, 00:13:08

Im feeling like walking in darkness when trying attempt some of dungeons. Especially new one. Site encyclopedia dont give any infromation about bosses except their loot table. Most of time failing to figure tactics, as some if not most of the states that monster bare dont have any tool tips.

Soft Oak and Owl El, those two - but many more that haven't attempted yet gave me headaches. While leveling is easy process, game dont teach dungeon mechanics in easy way.

Send help.

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Why do you want the game to be so easy? alot of the fun for me and many others is figuring out for ourselves how to beat the boss, plus the bosses always have a buff which basically explains how to beat it, enjoy the challenge mate

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Just your guildmates, if they don't know how maybe you are in the wrong guild.

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I mean sure.. but thats kinda the gist of wakfu.

The game will not hold your hand or spoonfeed you. The idea always was that community itself will provide the information for others if it chooses to do so.

thats why the game has so much hidden stuff and back in the day you didint even know that the game had hidden stuff, like lore tidbits nailed to small very damn small paper things nailed to bizzare places or emote boxes in lets just say creative places where no sane person would go look for em

but in the end they bacame common info for most people thro talking to others

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