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Help, I'm having a difficult time here in Wakfu

By Blije-gast - MEMBER - January 20, 2020, 15:19:20

Hello guys,

I've been playing Wakfu on and off since beta, mostly off, though and I'm just an average player. Right now I've been playing again frequently for the past, maybe, 3 months? Anyway, I have 2 accounts, both boosted. I have a 6 man team, consisting of: Sram, Pandawa, Sadida, Feca, Foggernaut and Enutrof. Right now I'm with one account around lv 135 and with the other around level 115. I've established 6 sets for them, for level 140. Some contain Harry Boots, for example. I'm trying to run Ponktius (Castuc dungeon) multiple times, and of course I have to run it on stasis 21. Atleast. However, I'm not strong enough... My highest characters are geared with decent to pretty good 125 gear, including a relic and epics. The other account are geared with quite good lv 80 gear. Their stats and spellsets are totally fine. The thing is I can't survive Ponktius. How can I farm efficiently for the gear I want? Should I overlevel myself? And how should I do that? Wouldn't I be too weak without decent gear? I don't know what I'm doing wrong here, if I lack gameplay knowledge (XD) or not.

Does anyone maybe know a solution for grinding efficiently or in regards to gearing if I'm doing the right thing? Thanks in advance.

Edit Addition:
Am I the only one who thinks stasis 21 makes it harder for players like me to drop relics and stuff? Or is there another way perhaps?

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grinding in dungeons is only good if you have a solid party, if you plau solo.. I suggest you do hunter quests...environmental quests.. and most importantly Battle fields which give a TONS of exp and decent equip that would help push through the levels. I personally made an IOP from 1 to 200 by just battle fields alone.. 

From experience, dont invest much on low level equip save your resources for the last set of equipment.. 

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Thank you so much for this smile just tried my first battlefield, didn't do a lot but still gained 10 mil exp! Very helpful smile

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Get one character to level 200, preferably a range damage dealer. Battlefields give a ton of exp.
Once one range damage dealer character is level 200, you can spam all the mobs and even farm in haven world by killing srambad mobs in 5 seconds or less. Fogger is your best choice to get to level 200 first. 

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Well since you play all 6 chars you can just do token quests and daily ones.
the daily dg is 20 tokens per char on any stasis (cant remember the weekly) but you can collect the fragments really fast.

fragments drop on any stasis. Full relic ... I have only seen it drop once on double drop weekend soo just don't get your hopes up for those.

Archbosses drops good epics in that range soo make a habit to hunt them regularly

As emelance said don't invest too much on OP gear you just wont be able to keep up with all those chars (they will outgrow the gear too fast) so the best advice is just run on your drops and try to make money out of the unnececery stuff you drop

with 2 subs you probably don't have time for professions so just find someone who can help you upgrade things

Do the shushu quest ... it gives bagus shushu (epic ring) that gives 1Ap so you wont be too stressed out about epics

You may want to consider an Eni for your team but that's just a personal preference

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