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Visibility and Wield type: Shield

By hemyani - MEMBER - January 15, 2020, 12:09:03

Can anyone verify whether Visibility (+1 range) and Wield type: Shield (range set to 0, +1 mp) work together such that the end result is +1 range and +1  mp? In other words, which effect kicks in first at the start of combat? I don't want theories i want an experiment tnx

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Not sure which happens first, I know having Swiftness (+1mp) sub and hooklettes (condition mp <=5 ) wherein the swiftness would in fight make your mp= 6 causes the hooklettes to be invalid pre-fight, So some subs give their bonuses pre-fight. I think all the major stat bonus ones are pre-fight (ap/mp/range/wp). So my guess would be visibility happens first pre-fight and type:sheild happens at the start of a fight. Yielding just 1mp, zero range and -150 lock/dodge for your troubles. *from visibility sub.

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Tested it, Rynth is correct, works exactly like they said
Fight starts, you have 1mp, 0 range, -150 lock and dodge

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