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How many % resist. is enough resist.?

By apsius - MEMBER - October 07, 2019, 19:56:24

Hi guys!

After doing some fine tunning to my set, no I'm wondering how many % resist. is enough for considering yourself off-tank (or at least, out of the glass cannon zone)?
How much resist. would you say is "awesome" for PvE, and how much for PvP? Yes, I know having >90% must feel great, but let's keep it real.  

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In PvE i thing minimum resits are something about 70-75% 

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It REALLY depends
Assuming youre going for lv200 content which makes this much easier
Things that effect this answer are:
a) Class
b) Build type (Melee, Dist, Elemental choices)
c) Your role in PvE (Buffer, Debuffer, DD, Offtank, etc)
d) The type of content you are doing PvE (Dungeon, UB )
e) the STASIS of the content you are doing

Here is a general rule of thumb

Do you have a super dedicated team, with a tight teamwork?
Yes? 70% can be more than enough
No? Read on

Do you have a healer and a tank?
Yes? 74% should be ok, but 75% is a safer route
No? Read on

Do you have a healer OR a tank? 
Yes? 77% is the safest option, if you can provide an off tank role, 79%
No? Read on

Are YOU the healer or the tank?
Yes? 80%-85% depending on the stasis
No? Yeet, you're dead

-If your team has a Tank Sacrier and a healer, and the rest of your team are Max Damage, your resist wont matter, as the sacrier will sacrifice your entire team and youll finish rooms in less than 3 turns
-Ultra bosses like Shadowfang require the entire team to have 85%+ Fire resist
-Ultra bosses like Nogord and Ogrest have less of a focus on resist, and you can sometimes get away with extremely low %'s due to the bosses lack of ability to even hit you, or special effects increasing that % in fight

As for PVP:
77%-80% is the main go-to, but as i said prior its going to depend on your class, and maybe even depend on what youre fighting again

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I'd like to add that your resistance can be a bit lower than mentioned here if your block is high enough. By high enough I mean over 50%. Also if you're using barriers, it can help a bit.

A little example:
When I was fighting Steel Beak last time, I was the main tank (Sacrier). At lvl 170 I have ~75% air resist, ~90 block and Powerhouse (Robust) relic rune. The ranged attacks SB uses in first 2 phases did ~800-900 damage to me.
On the other side of the map we had a fogger with ~60% air resistance and no block or barriers. He took 4k+ damage from same attack.

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