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For those of you who dropped any nation sword blueprints

By apsius - MEMBER - October 04, 2019, 04:02:01


I'm aware that the nations mimic appear only in stasis 21+ and in competitive mode (at least that's what I get from browsing the forums, correct me if I'm wrong). Now please help me with these:

1) Do the mimics appear only in the boss room, or can I just do the first 3 and skip the boss fight?
2) What would you say are the best dungeons to run in these cases? 
3) Is there anything else I need to know before spamming a dungeon and hope for the best?

Thank you in advance! biggrin

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1) Nope, it can appear in all room which not only in boss fight. So you can choose just run the first 3 room instead if don't have well-geared full party or cannot beat the boss in ALS. 
2) Usually looking forward the lowest level dungeon possible in each nation, example like Sureberry or Royal Pasturizer in Amakna. 
3) Higher the Stasis level, higher the chance of any Mimic Chest to be appear. While if other type Mimic Chest appear, the Nation Mimic Chest will not appear in the same fight. 

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Unless you get the 7-mimics spawn, then you cn have a bit of everything.
Wasn't there a thing where you had to run the dungeon at s21 minimum to be able to spawn a nation mimic ?

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After my first 47 fights in the Scara dungeon -stasis 41, avoiding the boss room- I got 3 epic boots and 5 mimics (3 runic, 2 sweet).
I'm starting to think these nation mimics don't even exist... yet I know I'll need hundreds of fights before dropping the blueprint rolleyes

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Yeah, they seem to be a bit too rare for the thing they hide because getting them to spawn is a hassle and then on top of that the blueprint is a super low rate at that.

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