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And dungeon mechanics

By JonTurk - MEMBER - October 04, 2019, 00:40:18

this game for 1 hero system,right? Ankama should decide hero or heroes system and must re-set up dungeon mechanics, Players already supported game enough guess.

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For this Mineral Tower based on boss attack element, the re-summon mechanism every single 3 turn is just bad, very very bad that the summon is not consider as summon-type (which will not dead after the boss dead) and so bad enough if you drag the fight longer...

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You are lacking dps (=gear), and if not, which I assume because you're 10/7, you're probably lacking strategy. Or you sacrificed too much stats to get those 7 mp, that is also possible.
Because I can solo it at s21 with this gameplay (not a lot higher though, I can maybe push to s23, s24 with a lot of luck) without heroes.
However, I agree that the re-summon mechanic is a pain.

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I honestly have no idea what youre trying to say in this forum post.
I THINK, youre trying to say Mineral tower was designed for 1 character, which i dont believe is true, i think it was designed for 3 people or 1 player and 2 hero's, but 3 characters on the field at one time.
I could be wrong, if thats not what you meant, im sorry in advance

However i do agree that the resummon mechanic sucks a LOT, and can give the feeling of no progress if lacking in DPS

That being said

I dont understand the complaint here either way as you have managed to do s50 with just 2 people before, i understand there are certainly different gamemodes to mineral tower, but why would you complain about the difficulty of something you have already done on Max difficulty with less than the ideal team members 
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im happy most of you looked "agreed with me".  complaining about boss mechanics which are senseless,  As most of you said ,it is very very bad (worst) because it is unplayable in stasis 50.
the point is here, if this mechanic is unplayable, why is it in progress as rng mechanic? i played  3 times against this mechanic in this week, i was really close to beat it at 32 but i couldnt,because Each rounds if Agony cant attack you ,its power grows up over and over to kill you at once..And it resummons clones (out of mobs) near portals and you have got no point to escape.Ankama should change this mechanic ,Agony only should summon "missing mobs" and clones in field without mob increasing.(i hope you understood true,mobs count always must be 3 ,if no jadarmed ,jadarmed must be re-summoned in each 3 rounds)
Otherhand, Some players tell this game is based for 1 hero and Ankama dont sell other hero slots,right?
if your game based on 1 hero system,why did you create dungeon boss mechanics and their powers against +3 or up heroes system for higher stasis??
i am re-suggesting again- remove "summon deleting" from boss spells. i just tried to beat krala in stasis 1 and coukdnt beat ,reason is "bombs cant reach level 15 in 4 rounds" ,bosses walks with tons of mps and ranges,mobs are annoying by "high lock",unknown 1 shot power from dungeon bosses. stasis 1 krala damages over 2800 h against you,,how is it being??? why archmonster has got 6 range while most dungeons are in small places??

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