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Dungeons mechanics out of sense

By JonTurk - MEMBER - September 20, 2019, 13:02:41

Please, stop creating uncondition passives and spells on mobs.
  -rebounds : rebounds my attack for what and how many times?? my ap is for attack. What will i do in my turn if i wont attack opponent with delayed attacks or how will i restore my hp by stealing? will i wait boss remove my bombs with stupid summon deleting spell?? or will it rebound my detanation every 3 turns in a row? how many times will it rebound my detonation ? forever or till it kills me??
-how many turns will i loss my 2 mps in every dungeon in each turns? while i cast my any spell ,is there a notify about "you wont change your position 1 tile (back,front or telelport opposite) while you are not stabilized and not surrounded" ?
Most of time my attacks kills me more than opponent attacks, because it is random.
-how to  guard yourself from pushes of  blibli boss while he pushes every object from next of you and  pushes from side for 10 tiles away??
Please fix dungeon tiles for tactical views,your scene objects dont show red.tiles but blocks way.there are tons of object in Pandala and Xeloriums.
dungeons are in unplayable conditions cause no sense.

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Things are usually explained in passives, most rebounds are. 
On 7th and each 6 turns afterwards, ALL bosses destroy summons within 5 cells of them. This is also written on stasis buff (I think archetype one).
For blibli boss, you need to self stabilise, align with walls, stay away from boss and so on. You use positioning and strategy to survive it's savegeness.

I doubt all dungeons are unplayable. Please mention which ones are causing you problems.

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