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How to kill these battleground wodents?

By apsius - MEMBER - September 19, 2019, 10:32:09

I know, I should know how to do it.. but I just went to my first PvP battleground and I didn't even manage to kill one of these.

I saw the 4 elemental cells, tryied everything I could, but nothing happened...  any help?
Should I do it with a group? Any tips on killing it faster/easier? I'd like to know at least how to eliminate the vulnerability for the normal wodents, plus the black one (even though I didn't try it)

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What u need to do is to hit the wodent in correct elemental order.
every time u guess the good element the element icon appear on the wodent.
First woodent for jumping boots have only 3 ele before being able to kill it
2nd Claw woodent have 4 ele combination x2
last Dark woodent 4ele combination x5

So let's assmue situation, u use your air spell nothing happen, no icon. Then Fire spell u see fire icon, then u try air again, and u see 2nd icon, then u try earth but both icons vanish, that means that the order is Fire>Air>Water>Earth

But most of classes have access to only 3 elemental branches, thats why every start of the Wodent turn on the ground shows up elemental glyphs, if u will stand on them the icon from choosen glyph will be applied on wodent.

First one can be done only solo
2nd one in group of 3 ppl (tho I do it alone most of the time)
Dark Wodent in group of max 6ppl (recomend the max amount for faster and safer run)

What is also worth to notice is that:
a) shields dont protect from wodent dmg, so it's much better to skill points in full hp, and heal instead of shielding
b) it's the best to equip the cheapest elemental skills from each branch or these with huge range
c) dmg isn't important so I strongly recomend equiping Rock and Motivation passives for more health and 1ap more

Have a nice day,

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Great response. Thanks!

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SirPercedal|2019-09-20 01:42:46

a) shields dont protect from wodent dmg, so it's much better to skill points in full hp, and heal instead of shielding

Wodents don't deal damage, they remove 20% of your max HP per attack. It doesn't matter how much HP you have in total, and in fact, the less you have the better, since healing/lifesteal heals more of your total %HP.

Some protections can help, like Transcendance from Eni, Peace Armor/Immunity from Feca, and Sanguine Heart on Sacs.
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Oh thanks! Didnt know about that it's acctually intresting.

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