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How Does the Out of Sync Mechanic Work? (For Bilbiboys/girls)

By Mox-Jackal - MEMBER - July 04, 2019, 22:27:46

no honestly, for years i never understood it and never fought them because of this.
i try to fight them, and lose 955 hp every single turn. 
its just a busted unexplained thing, why is there nothing that explains it?

every character dies because of this, and it makes fighting them obnoxious
i looked around a bit, and still can't ever not get out of sync lv12. 

i really wish there was some website or place that explained all mechanics in detail
You know, a guide, for every boss and enemy, how to beat them easily, and simply
Instead of just mashing your head face first into the keyboard like i do for every fight...


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It's easy 
- always first attack is free...
when you "first time" deal dmg (when no debuff sync) you got sync (you can check how many you got in enemy icon...)

example you got 10 sync... 
your mission is end turn with 15 sync points, if less or more you take dmg

so 10 ? so you must use 5 AP not more not less 
1 ap = 1 sync point 

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i dont get it, Free?
i hit him, 1 time, and he had 7 sync, i had 7 sync, then i passed
i still took damage. 

i only hit him 1 time, and still lost hp. 
i have to always have 15 sync? if i have 14ap, i have to even it to 15 every turn?

the sync is really weird, even though i had 15 i still lost 98 hp
which was better than 955 i usually lose.

---once you get the hang of it, it makes it interesting, naturally the bilbyboys/girls
they just kind of suck, and with the mechanic understood, it makes the fights unique.

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You have to end your turn with 15 stacks of sync.
After you hit a mob, you will get at least 6 stacks of it, you can check which mobs have which ammount of stacks.
Each time you use AP, WP or MP on spells after this it will give you sync equal to amount of those used.
I recommend using a low ap hit on first turn, so you are assured you have enough ap to use.

You have 10 ap
You hit a yellow that has a stack of 8 sync, with a 3 ap spell.
You have 8 sync and 7 ap left
Use more 7 ap to get 15 sync, you will have 0 ap unused
Pass and get sync buff (+2 ap, +mp, +dmg)
Repeat on next turn.

Another example:
You have 10 ap
you hit blue guy that has 6 stack of sync with a 2 ap spell.
You have 6 sync and 8 ap left.
If you use AP only spells, you will only reach 14 sync, and will take damage.
You use a 5 ap 1 wp spell (+6 sync).
You have 12 sync and 3 ap left.
You use 3 ap (+3 sync).
You end with 15 sync stack.

If you have low ap and mob has low ammount of stack, you can step on special tiles, it will raise mobs sync by 2 until they play (so you will need to use 2 ap less)

Weapons are not counted since they are not spells and indirect damage will give you stack before your turn. So if you deal poison damage to something, you will start your turn with some sync already.

Hoped to have helped, can give more examples if needed

As for mobs and boss, I don't fully understand those, even if I ran s50 on reduced level a lot of times.
Yellow: buff allies
Green: pushes, does -mp
Blue: heals allies
Red: damages a lot

Some of the mobs swap places with you, I think it's yellow and blue.

Everyturn it changes it's buff, the number of stacks on it indicates where it can be hit from (so 1 stack means hit from 1 cell away - melee, while 7 means hitting on 7 cells away).
On start of every turn, boss will launch two beams on enemies on it's sight, damaging them a lot. Sometimes the damage is lowered by a lot, Im unsure of why this happens.

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