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How does one maximize his gear's potential?

By DjDiel - MEMBER - June 26, 2019, 10:09:03

So I was hanging out in battlefield and I was getting absolutely smashed by other players so as a normal person I went and farmed kamas and got myself some pretty decent gear (like really really good gear) but when I take a look at my resistances they're only about 41% for everything and my dmg looks pretty wack too. What are  all the things I can do to get better stats other than gearing up?

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1. battle field set (equipment from battlefield) has some bonus if you use 3 or 6 item from the same set (example defender set gets you 50 resist 10 block blablabla). and it is possible to use 3 items from warrior set and another 3 from defender set which bring you bonus from each set bonuses. (bonus from equiping 3 item and 6 item is different).

2. rune it, you can get some resistance and dmg from it.

3. if youre doin low lvl BF, it is better to get elemental resistance as a major, rather than getting extra 1 mp.

sorry for my english tho

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Ooh thank you! I didn't know that battlefield sets had those set bonuses.
Also your english is fine smile

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