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mecha mummy dungeon

By micic - MEMBER - April 19, 2019, 23:44:28

I've tried a thousand times but I can't figure out how to pass the boss level. if anyone knows how to kill Tutaur'Kama PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! 

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The best advice I personally can give you is to stay out of his attack range if you can(his main spell has something like 3 range with a linear AOE but he only seems to cast it if he has a target on the initial starting cell), and to only hit him with the attacks that hit the most in order for him to build less Wakfu Points for the Mechamummy Revenge(idk if that’s exactly what it’s called anymore but it’s the spell that he launches every 3-4 turns, if my memory is accurate, and gets more powerful and reaches further the more Wakfu Points he has when it is cast, so best thing is to only try to hit him with your hardest hitting spells, and stay the hell away from him when he casts the spell, which is unpredictable so just try to stay away at all times - which you want to do anyway to avoid excessive damage from him).

Also, don’t really bother with the mummies if you can get out of their Lock zone easily(as any attack that hits them seems to be set to only do 1 damage regarldees of base damage or bonuses to it, which makes sense since the mummies only have 5 health). They will however teleport you into Tutaur’Kama’s lock zone if they are within a one cell range of you at their point of death or if they get to you during their turn(iirc they can’t be pushed, and I don’t think you can move the Mechamummy either, however the mummies do only have 1 MP). At some point the Mechamummy will also kill all of the mummies, every few turns, whenever there is something like four of them out/summoned by him, though I do not remember the precise interval for that, so just keep away from the mummies if possible.

Personally, I can only speak from experience for my Eliotrope where the tactic(s) I outlined above were fairly easy to put into action as I could use portals to lure Tutaur’Kama from one end to the other and always stay out of his range due to his low amount of MP and limited range, so he basically moved in one direction and I went to the other before his next turn so he always walked in a straight line with the portal in the middle while I had my other portals placed in ways that allowed me to hit him while being safe and mostly staying away from the mummies(for which I would advise you have at least some Dodge because they’ll otherwise put you next to the Mechamummy, which will likely prove deadly). It might be trickier with other classes since I don’t recall being able to push Tutaur’Kama or the mummies that he summons.

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