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Intelligence and % HP as Armor?

By Takadus - MEMBER - February 07, 2019, 11:45:43

Howdy, semi-new player here (actually pretty new with less than 200 hours on my account still) and I'm enjoying the gameplay despite some technical difficulties.

However reading through guides for how to spec into intelligence, something has been bugging me: while there is a general contention for optimal points in Barrier or Healing Received after a full 10 in Elemental Resistances, %HP as Armor seems to be ignored entirely.

Why does this bug me? Because in the worst case it is the same as putting those points into %HP as Health, yet in the best case, it adds more effective health than without that stat. It all depends on whether the armor is factored after or before the final health is.

Some math/pseudocode (simplified immensely):


When condensed that would result in the following:


To give an example comparison, let HEALTH = 1000 initially, INTSTAT1 = 30 and INTSTAT5 = 10

EFFECTIVE_HEALTH = 1000 * (1+.02*30) * (1+.02*10) = 1920

Compared to 40 in INTSTAT1 and 0 in INTSTAT5:

EFFECTIVE_HEALTH = 1000 * (1+.02*40) * (1+.02*0) = 1800

So, my question to those who have been kind enough to read through my succinct defense for the % HP as Armor stat is this: is there a particular reason why this stat is ignored in favor of % HP as Health?

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It took me awhile to read through that and understand, but effectively you're asking why do people stat 40 hp instead of 30 hp and 10 hp to armor, because 10 hp to armor yields more effective hp

The reason often depends on what class you are playing
If you are playing something like Iop or Cra, then often statting armor is a fine way to go, as you will benefit from it a lot

However, if you are playing a class like Eniripsa or Sacrier, then you won't benefit, here is why:

Iop has no viable sustain method, they can generate armor once every 3-4 turns(i think?) with defensive stance, OR they can do tiny heals with their air spells in defensive stance, due to neither of these being particularly useful, statting for armor, for more effective health is a very good idea

Sacrier on the other hand has spells that directly benefit from a larger Hp pool, each 1 hp lost will increase earth spell potency, and its sanguine armor ability gives you armor based on 15% of max hp, armor has no benefit to this, and so statting armor is often not looked at
Enirpisa can heal itself, a lot at that, it cannot however, generate armor, so stating armor is just permanently lost "effective health" while statting hp increase the hp it can "get back" through heals

A lot of classes nowadays seem to have some viable way of restoring their own health-bars, Ecaflip, Sram, Ougi, Rogue, Sac, Eni, Sadida, Huppermage
in-fact nearly every class at this point has some viable sustain

There are situations where statting armor on a class that can sustain would be useful, but those situations are far and few between
Hope this clears it up for you

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Iop can use defencive stance once per 3 turns.
Earth spells grant u quite massive hp to armor, the - of that is that it expire in next turn and thats really bad for iops.
Air spells have lifesteal, the problem is that your enemy most of the time have high resist so your selfheal is really really weak.
And to anoy all Iops defencive stance give -30% dmg dealt to Iop, so it decrese the hp to armor and lifesteal value even more.

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Pretty much as Sus explained, the flat hp is better for most characters and is mostly use in pve by all of them bc overall u have more hp that can be regenerated.
If your hp to armor expire there is no way to recover it, meanwhile with healer in team u can always full heal. So if u are in long battle stating pure hp is much better (with healer in team of course).

Another problem is the way how hp to armor work. I'll explain it with my main character Iop.
If u start with X hp to armor at the start of the fight and then in your turn u will use defencive stance and earth spell that will add Y hp to armor for 1 turn. The next dmg u will recive will go and decrese your X hp to armor instead of the newest Y hp to armor that will expire in next turn. If u are Sac, Rouge, Ougi it doesnt metter for you bc they add their armor for entire fight it doesnt expire, but if ur playing Iop like me its just wasting your resourses.


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There are so many classes which benefit from a large healthpool and gain nothing from shields. For instance, many summons gain a percentage of their summoners total health. Pandawas replenish their health in percentages, and can easily generate shields. And in pvp, shields are not as effective as health since some abilities damage/steal shields (Sram's Rascalry as an example), or just ignore it (poisons).

Another big factor is heal resistance, which also scales with your total health. Heal resistance is generated for every percentage of your healthpool recovered. This means that players with huge healthpools gain less heal resistance than players with big shields in a prolonged fight, which is very bad for dungeons. (I think that you gain 100% heal resistance after taking 5x your hp in damage but this might be outdated).

But shields are generally good for fast leveling/farming since you fully replenish it after each fight, so it's good for classes which don't rely too much on a large healthpool. Srams lifesteals don't scale with health, and Iops can generate alot of health with their Vitality passive. I believe that Iop's Vitality has synergy with shields so I imagine that they're most effective on Iops.

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As they said, it's very much class-based if you want that armor or not. Now, as I see it...

I guess I only put 1 point into HP to Armor, why? Because it's better than 0. That point into HP% would "only" add another 4% to HP, while being put into HP to Armor will give more than a 4%, as it's based over that previously buffed HP.

So, let's treat the case as 1000 base HP. With 20 points into HP would give +80% of HP. Thus 1800 HP.

19 points into HP and 1 into HP to Armor would give +76% of HP, and a 4% over that, thus giving 1760 HP and [70].4 armor. A total of 1830, growing larger as the HP pool gets increased by other means (mainly equipment and drugs).

Now, armor is not 100% reliable, there are attacks that can bypass it (passive damages, poisons and certain attacks like the big croco bite). For those cases armor will be pointless, while HP will always have the same result against those attacks.

As for barrier, it kinda sucks a bit right now. If you combine it with very high resistances, it can considerably reduce damage. But it's not too reliable against attacks that deal all in one hit rather than several mini-hits. I was a big fan of it back then, but unless you spend most of time taking hits from everyone in battle, it's not the best choice for those points.

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Ah, thank you all so much; the Healing Resist scaling with Max Health actually makes the most sense to me as decreasing that improves survivability over the course of a prolonged fight (one of the reasons I consider Barrier in the first place, as even a single point in that over 5 turns can add up to 500 damage mitigated).

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