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Silmawhirly's invincibility (and other quirks)

By Serenade-Omega - MEMBER - January 19, 2019, 19:55:28

Silmawhirly is hard.  Hard to the point that, even if we know how to beat him, I'm wondering if we're doing something wrong.

Fairly recently, my team and I tried our hand at the Whirlway Station on Mt. Zinit.  The battles were rocky -- none of us had fought whirlies since back when they were in Bonta years ago -- and we were hopelessly trounced by the boss, Silmawhirly, with its heavy hits and description-less(!) invulnerability state.

Since then, we've been fighting the Whirly archmonster, Whirlaugh, who seems to be the type of archmonster who mirrors the dungeon boss, in order to find out how to properly fight Silmawhirly.  We're winning consistently, but It's... still a pretty steep fight.  We have a tougher time with Whirlaugh (the non-Stasis archmonster, who also gets no every-third-turn boss bonuses) than all the other bosses in the same bracket at Stasis 20, so I'm wondering if there are any tricks or loopholes we're missing.  Here's what we've determined:

  • If Silmawhirly starts his turn with no players nearby (within 3-4 spaces), he uses a heavy all-area attack that also pushes everyone around 2-3 spaces in random directions.
    • Seems to be nearly twice as powerful as all other attacks, so keeping away from the boss is not an option.
  • If a player hits Silmawhirly while in direct contact, they are pushed back 5 or so cells, but Silmawhirly's invulnerability is disabled for the rest of that player's turn.
    • Each time this is done, Silmawhirly gains +10% damage dealt for his next turn.
      • Therefore, it's best(?) to have only a couple hard-hitting team members do the damage while the rest of the team supports them to maximize their turn damage. (Or wait to build up nuke-y burst damage, if the team has such a member)
    • The invulnerability does not return for summons immediately after a player's turn, so (e.g.) an Osa's summon can get in a full turn of damage if the Osa breaks the invulnerability during their own turn.
  • Silmawhirly auto-summons a whirlikid who's also invulnerable.
    • Once Silmawhirly reaches 1 HP, all damage dealt to him is redirected to this whirlikid.
      • Silmawhirly can only be fully killed once this whirlykid is killed through this redirected damage.
  • Silmawhirly also places "whirliboom" glyphs, which grant +20% damage dealt for a turn at the cost of 1000+ fire damage (depending on resistances), which is rarely a worthwhile tradeoff.

Is that really all?  Is there anything we're missing?  Having to whap Silmawhirly in close-combat every turn before dealing damage is already a pain, but increasing his damage each time you do it is kind of a middle finger to the player combatants...

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I think that it is and need to bear with it, either use stabilize first or have summon behind you during attack if don't want the push too far when do damage in contact. Recall the nightmare to grind Kel'Dwa Fragment when the frags was not yet in the dungeon machine once upon a time.

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Take a iop there and place something behind them with higher initiative. That's all that's the strategy
I do this dungeon for fun sometimes

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thank you for supplying this info!

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