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how does one beat nogord?

By cafesoneca - MEMBER - December 31, 2018, 20:10:31

so i want to try this big guy, he's been a big target for me ever since he was deployed 
but i never couldn't do him, but now after some hard work i have managed to grab a nice team 
my comp so far is feca/osa/eni/masq/elio/sac ( i also have Enutruff,panda,hupper) at 200 but they are not geared,

is there any way to beat him using my normal comp or i need to put a hupper/panda in the team?

i can say i'm pretty well geared now, having full build on 4 of them, and 2 with almost complete but with around 3,1~3k mastery and 68% or more resist

any tips on taking this big lizzard dowm? i have seem a lot of video and tried it 2 times with friends, 
can someone explain the phases/mechanics on this ub ?


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No hupper, no bueno; Positioning is key in the fight and a lot of the phases comes down to damage control, ie not going too hard or too soft.

GL killing the Rave Dragon

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