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Zordfish Damage Buffs?

By Serenade-Omega - MEMBER - December 28, 2018, 22:47:51

My team and I recently tackled the updated Snapper dungeon, and couldn't help but notice that the Zordfish enemies' offenses skyrocket every few turns.  The combat log just shows "Zordfish: +20% damage inflicted", and usually seems to bump up to +60% by the end of the turn, with no accompanying spell, state, icon, etc. to indicate what happened (it's definitely not a speed bonus, either).  Naturally, the Black Zordfish boss does the same, except that usually means death if it decides to attack a non-bulky person twice that turn.

What actually triggers this damage buff?  Is it something that can be prevented, or just something to expect and tactically mitigate somehow?  What's an effective response for (seemingly) arbitrary damage boost?  I wouldn't be shocked if only the boss did it, but since the normal Zordfish do it to, it adds up pretty quick.

(It's totally possible that this is nothing new and the numbers just stick out more due to their new level bracket; it's been a loooong time since I've fought snappers)

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