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Spectrex's Archetype Buff

By Serenade-Omega - MEMBER - December 27, 2018, 21:38:58

Is it super necessary for Spectrex to gain Berserker archetype buffs (or any archetype buffs, for that matter) on top of all the other mechanics going on in the  Shushu dungeon fights?  Especially since it gains perma-buffs whenever its pals die, meaning you have to choose between giving it +%70 dmg permanently or +7 AP, +7 MP, and damage. (With in-between of course, but it doesn't seem to make a difference anyway)....  in a fight where all enemies scale to the strongest player's level and you can't heal normally.  We don't even have to talk about Stasis gameplay buffs.

The Shushu dungeons are already designed to be tricky and heavily constrained, even compared to the newer dungeon mechanics, so piling the archetype bonus on top of that seems a tad excessive.

I mean, maybe we suck.  I'll be the first to admit that.  Still, just looking at the number of different overlapping mechanics and catch-22 situations here, this seems like an outlier -- in a different way than it's already intended to be.

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I find all shushu dungeons easy, just got play with people on your level, so the boss scales to that level
also you need good melee/range dps there but is not that hard, always clean the mobs and start  hitting the boss, you can kite/block his vision easy
the new rogue dungeon is hard not because the dungeon is on another difficulty level there is a lot of bugs there, also the blob dungeon is pain in the ass.
this game is heavily reliant in team comp/play, sometimes you got to change your comp if you want to do a specific dungeon, also if you are having a hard time sustaining the damage from the boss, try to upgrade your resistance(losing damage for better resist gear, or putting some runes on Amulet/shoulders/chest/shield), each level you grow up the game demands more and more resistance to the point of you needing at least 70%+ on end game content or you get one shot/half dead in 1 turn by normal mobs not counting boss

also, those beserk mechanics are becoming a real thing in wakfu, the new UB shadow fang has some kinds of damage matter where you got kill her real fast or else she wipes the whole team, almost killed her yesterday, the draggun dungeon has a crazy egg that each time he dies he gives ap/resist to everyone, and another guy that for each hit he gains ap, i have seem some crayz 22 ap mobs over there


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I hate that you find these things easy while my team is struggling with it more than we have anything else recently... but at the same time, that also gives me hope that we can adapt with some more thorough changes.  So, really, thanks! happy

I did notice that a huge amount of gear in the 111-125 bracket started to ditch all-elemental resistance in exchange for higher resistances in specific elements, much like gear does with elemental (and secondary) damages around level 40 or so.  So maybe we really do need to update our gear with those particular resistances in mind, which would allow us to be more tactical with who's better at tanking different attacks.

I guess, for now, we'll do it on a lesser Stasis level to satisfy the daily Guild of Hunters quest, then come back after we get some new gear.  Thanks again for your thoughts~ happy

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