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New Dungeon Mechanics

By emelance - MEMBER - December 12, 2018, 15:05:47

Can some share there experience on the new dungeons and the mechanics of the bosses?

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Dark oak: Each turn one part of the boss gets armour and you have to break it without killing the boss, repeat 10 times while also protecting the boss from polter waves
Hoodloom: stand within 2 cells of the lightning rod to get struck by lightning to get scorched, this inverts all movement shorter then 4 cells, using this move so you end up in melee to the boss to remove his invincibility for the current turn

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Some extra info about Dark Oak:

  • Upon breaking Dark Oak's armour on his cursed location, removing 1 stack of the curse, his armour goes up again on that location. Unless you do enough DPS to be able to remove multiple stacks of Polter Curse per round, this means that any damage dealt to the location after one Stack of curse got removed is unnecessary - his armour obviously also resets and changes location on Dark Oak's turn again.
  • His armour scales based on the difficulty of the dungeon (His HP). Try and balance your team's DPS output around the difficulty so that you don't have members in your party becoming redundant (Read above)
  • During the very first turn, Dark Oak's armour is way bigger than normal - On normal difficulties its likely advised to just use the first turn for setup abilities and ignore damaging him.
  • One Polter can keep spawning on the Left side of the boss, the other 3 spawn locations are far back opposite of the boss. The Polter on the left side can run up to Dark Oak the moment it is spawned, so it's recommended to keep a tanky character in front of the Spawn spot to keep the Polter busy. You can not stand 'on' visual Polter spawn spots to block them off entirely.
  • Polters will not move after attacking, will deal damage that goes through armour, and seem to one-shot summons whatsoever. They will even kill their own kind. Keep them occupied with tanky characters or cheap summons.
  • 4 Polters (All spawn spots) will spawn simultaneously when Dark Oak is down to 3 curse stacks.
  • Dark Oath does a big (mostly) range-2 rectangle attack in front of him each turn. Some specific spots at range 3 also seem to get hit. Keep doing hit and run with your melee dudes!
  • Dark Oath's other attack seems to be an AoE that prefers to hit clumps of people (within range 2 of each other). Prevent the most damage by keeping people 3 squares or more apart.
  • If any location on Dark Oak goes down to 0 HP, the fight is over. You've lost!

Good luck!
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From what I have done;

Blibli: the boss room now has death tiles, boss and some mobs can push so try not to end near the edges, other than that its the same as before.
Boss will kick you back if you hit his butt in CC.

Elite Riktus: Boss will heal too 100% every turn, gain final damage but will lose res so you have to keep attacking until his res is low enough for you to one turn him.  

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Just tackled the new Strich dungeon this evening.  The boss is invulnerable while the eggs are alive; the eggs are invulnerable while the boss isn't locked.  So you gotta lock the boss on its turn, then spend the next turn doing as much damage to the eggs as possible.  The eggs have negative resistances, so their sizeable HP (~2000 on Stasis 20) goes down pretty fast.  Once all the eggs are gone, you can focus on the boss.  There are no other enemies in the entire fight, so it's just a matter of not triggering the boss's Ranged Archetype bonuses (+15% dmgs for every player closer than 4 tiles, checked every three turns) while you finish it off.

(Beware: the eggs release 2-circle sized explosions on their turns that do 800 - 1000 damage; avoid ending turns near them!)

I think all you have to do is force the boss to lose AP/MP via locking, and the eggs will be vulnerable until the boss's next turn.  You cannot simply surround it and keep it from moving; it must be subject to the surrounding combatants' lock, not simply blocked in-place.  That was a point of much confusion and frustration for our team sleep  (Though it seems that it can be blocked in if the lockers' lock stats are so high that they'd prevent movement altogether even if it wasn't blocked in, but the boss has 400 dodge, so that's not easy)

(Note: there's no visual indication that the eggs are vulnerable, at least that we could tell.  We actually tried making it lose AP/MP via lock right away, but since nothing visible changed, we assumed it didn't work.  I suspect it did work, but we just didn't give the eggs a whap to see.  We may do another run tomorrow just to confirm, and I'll come back to edit this if so)

Seems like the best method is to have one or two tanks go for locking the boss while everyone else waits in-range of the eggs so they can devote as many points as possible to wiping them out -- hopefully in one round.  More people around the boss does improve the collective lock, but that also means more people to be hit by its nasty close-combat AoE that it uses every three turns or so. (That also means more people will trigger the Ranged Archetype bonus if they can't all get away at the right time.  We learned the hard way that that's a mistake happy )

The Huppermage's Glistening Halo spell, which inverts the target's lock and dodge, makes triggering the lock condition laughably easy.  (The boss has a whopping 0 lock, so inverting its stats gives it 400 lock and 0 dodge.)  Attacking the eggs (even when they're invincible) grants 30 lock per attack until the character's next turn, so that can aid with locking if no one in the party has any spells to boost lock or reduce dodge.

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How about the Green Blobs? 

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The Chaferfu King with the new necro-debuff is crazy deadly! That 100% heal resist and you lose 30% max hp per turn...Can't imagine if for solo... The dead army soldiers are revive each turn with full HP!!! If don't have barrier and armor to minimize their attacks, it is just another nightmare that never want to try again...

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There's really no other way to survive Chaferfu other than stating barrier? The passive that kills you in 3 turns and doesn't let you heal is so ridiculous that I thought there was some kind of undiscovered trick to disable it.

I've been trying it, it's hell. I tried to get rid of boss as soon as possible but, for some reason, his HP freezes at 60% for the first turn and it does not go lower until his next turn. The damage numbers show normally but his HP simply won't go down any lower.

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Request for remingtong guide please. I tried him once but died due to couldn't damage him. is this have something to do with the spawned bomb at the start?

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Blob Dungeon:

These things are tricky, but pretty fun once you get the hang of it:

Disac Chord / Symphonic Composition:

Each Blob enemy will have a random attunement to 4 elements, which changes each 2 turns.
This attunement will cause a Blob to be 'weak' against two elements, and strong against one element. The leftover element it will be moderately strong against.
The Blobs will visually indicate which elements they are Strong and Weak against with floating icons - The weak elements are faded in colour while the strong element is shown full coloured.
The stronger an attunement to an element, the more damage will be fully mitigated from a hit (-500, -1500 and -2500 damage).

Loss of Tempo:

When you hit a Blob and have all your spell's damage fully mitigated, the Blob will gain stacks of a Loss of Tempo condition, up to 5 stacks maximum. Each stack will lower the Blob's overall resistance, but increase its damage.


What this means is that the smart way to go about dealing with Blobs, is to focus fire singular Blobs with cheap spells that are fully mitigated in damage to raise their Loss of Tempo (5 times). Afterwards, have the team use their biggest hitting spells on these Blobs in the Elements that they are weak against, and they'll drop like flies.
I prefer to focus the Blob whom just had its last turn when deciding to choose a target to focus on - this will usually ensure the Blob will be destroyed before it can deal its increased damage attacks from Loss of Tempo. Ill advised is to start spreading damage out on multiple Blobs (With the possible exception of the round Blob, read below), as it will simply raise their damage output.

The very round Blobs have a mechanic that will often give them a lot of extra resistance after a hit for a turn, looking like a 'splat' on the floor. I often ignore them when this happens for that turn and focus on another target.


The boss Blob will have 4 phases throughout its lifetime based each on one specific element, based on its percentage of leftover health. (100/75/50/25% HP), and will visually colour itself to its attuned element.
When attuned to an element, it will be fully invulnerable to any damage except for damage that is equal to its attuned element. However, even damage from its attuned element is resisted fully if its 500 or less. If damage is more than 500, it goes through fully. (Read: Not sure if this value increases based on difficulty of the dungeon).
Aside from this the boss just hops around, smacks things a bit and spawns some weak Blobs that annoyingly push things around a bit. He's not a big threat offensively, just defensively.

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Some article about Hoodlum dungeon boss and quoted from Pokiehls :
"He summons a lightning rod in the middle of the arena, the closest person to the lightning rod (with a cross aoe of 1 cell I guesS) will get hit by a lightning that triggers the debuff that inverts your movement, making you walk to the opposite direction.
The person with this debuff needs to "sling" himself towards the boss to remove his invincibility during that turn, it only lasts one turn, so only the people that get hit by the lightning and the debuff can damage the boss.

On last phase, the boss will counter any damage done to him with a very powerful attack to the closest person around him, aoe is 3~4 max, IIRC. "
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Any experience about the stalagmotel?How to evade Full Screen Attack?

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My team recently gave the new Puddly dungeon a shot.  The enemies themselves are overall pretty similar to their previous incarnations, but they have some small additions that change up the tactical considerations quite a bit.

The big-deal additions all have to do with grid alignment, so prepare for really meticulous positioning.  Common to all puddlies (except the boss) is a total of only 1 WP, but they gain it back if a player ends their turn diagonally in-line with them.  Fortunately, hovering the cursor over them will highlight those diagonals with puddly symbols, so you don't entirely have to visualize them yourself.

  • Edit: Mama Puddly uses her WP to summon Dinky Puddlies, like always.  Since her availability of WP is determined by whether the player triggers their WP gain, I'm not sure if there's any sort of number limit or cooldown to the summon.
    • Dinky Puddlies' attack removes 1 MP and inflicts -10% damage. Thankfully, they no longer remove AP as well.
    • Dinky Puddlies do not self-destruct upon attacking.
    • Dinky Puddlies also don't block line-of-sight, so they primarily hinder movement. Our Fogger had fun Steam-Palm-ing clumps of them since he could aim right in the middle!
    • Be careful when many are summoned: Puddly Chiefs can essentially play Rogue and "detonate" all Dinky Puddlies around a player, which did ~300 water damage per Dinky to our Fogger, who was surrounded by three. It's entirely possible that those were AoE explosions too, but we're unsure.
  • Edit: Puddly Chief uses his WP to give all his allies a +30% damage buff, which is plenty annoying when combined with the Puddly Warrior's heavy-hitting post-teleport WP attack. (And the backstab they usually get if their target didn't see the teleport coming)
    • They may have an additional spell or two that uses WP, but those spells could simply have 2-turn cooldowns or something.  The buff definitely uses WP though. Can confirm that the buff is their only WP move.
  • Edit (2): Puddly Warrior's WP attack described below.
  • Edit: All of the non-boss puddlies start with 0 WP, so you can avoid e.g. Dinky Puddly summons entirely if you're good about avoiding those diagonal line-ups!

The other big alignment-based addition is unique to the Puddly Warriors: at the start of their turn, they will automatically teleport to a player in-line with them and give them a pretty hard smack.  The teleport counts as an auto-mechanic, not a spell -- they aren't affected by e.g. Feca glyphs that they start on if they get to teleport.  So that teleport doesn't cost them AP, and the following attack might not either. (We'll need to double-check.)  The tele-smack seems at least twice as powerful as all of their other attacks, so HP will drain pretty dang fast if you don't pay enough attention to being lined-up with them.
  • Edit (2): the teleport definitely doesn't cost the Puddly Warrior any AP, and the strong after-whap is actually their WP move.  This attack also removes all the target's MP, so unless they're moved via a spell, they'll be trapped to suffer another teleport from the assaulting Puddly Warrior.
    • Puddly Warriors still teleport if they don't have WP.  They just don't use the hard-hitting MP-draining attack.
    • Edit: They can use their hard-hitting MP-draining WP attack without teleporting, but they definitely prefer to use it first thing after a teleport.  Like all the other puddlies, it's best to just avoid giving them the WP!
  • We're not sure how they prioritize multiple potential targets with the teleport.  We've seen them go for farther targets and closer targets, so they may simply get to choose and will go for whatever will do the most damage.

The other two enemies have comparatively minor additions:
  • When at 50% health, Mama Puddleys auto-teleport one square away upon being hit.
  • Puddley Chiefs inflict -1 AP in a square around them at the beginning of their turn.

Lastly, each fight in the dungeon has several Api Barrels.  Ending a turn in-line with these will cause them to shoot an api along that line, hitting all player-team combatants along the way.
  • Edit: The barrels always deal 20% of the target's current HP.  So if you're on your last legs of HP,  hiding behind barrels is often preferable to getting hit by enemies.
  • Summons don't trigger the barrel shots, but they do get hit like normal if they're in the same line as a player who triggers one.
  • Can confirm that you cannot "hide" behind enemies to avoid the end-of-turn barrel shots.
  • Edit: Recently, an ally got KO'd by the boss's "water jail" attack that insta-kills if you don't end your turn in-line with a barrel -- but they were in-line with a barrel, and nothing else was on the line.  So any instances of the barrel shots ignoring players may just be a glitch.
  • The barrels can be moved by normal movement spells.  Is one blocking off an inconvenient line?  Give it a shove!  This includes teleportation spells like the Sacrier
  • The barrels are apparently turn-less, kill-able enemies as far as the game is concerned, because the Reprieve challenge keeps failing even when we kill its target last.  The barrels seem immune to damage though (all attacks do "-0") so I'm not sure if it's just a glitch with the challenge or if there's a legitimate way to remove them.  Collision damage, maybe?

Frankly, we didn't actually beat the boss, and we didn't have the patience to try again tonight happy  From what we did experience:
  • The Royal Puddly is a Distance archetype boss
  • Every two or three turns, he places a "water jail" around a character.  This reduces damage by 90% and is an instant K.O. unless the player ends their turn aligned with an api barrel. (In which case the api shot pops the bubble.)
    • The fight has the most api barrels of all the dungeon fights, so that's not a hard condition to meet -- Edit: however, it also removes 4 max MP, which can combine with Dinky Puddlies' MP-loss attacks to leave the jailed character immobile.  So anyone on the team with positioning skills should support the jailed character and either move them in-line with a barrel OR move a barrel to be in-line with them.
  • He has 3 max WP and gains 1 WP when another puddly dies.  Presumably, he uses WP for the water jail.
    • He may also use WP for an attack that did 800-1100 damage to several widely-spread targets, but admittedly those may have just been normal attacks that crit'd tongue
  • He "hates seeing his subjects die," which means puddly deaths will eventually trigger a "wrath" attack that deals several thousands of damage to everyone -- except anyone hiding in the "aqueous shelter" spots next to the api barrels.
    • The safe tiles next to the api barrels means you take a ~700 hit in place of a ~6000 hit, more or less. Unless you have some amazing positioning skillz and move everyone to safety after their turns.  Admittedly, this only just occurred to me while typing this biggrin
    • This is what ultimately killed us -- once we realized the attack was coming, only one of our team still had a turn to get to safety.  Only he and our Feca tank survived the onslaught.
    • The "wrath" attack comes after three puddly deaths, so when you expect that third enemy to go down, try to use that round to head for cover.  Probably the best tactic would be for each person to move one tile away from cover to end their turn, and have someone else use a cheap pushing spell, avoiding the end-of-turn damage from the api barrels.
      • The attack seems to cost quite a bit of AP, so it can be delayed with enough AP removal; 5 AP, maybe 4.  We were able to delay it twice in a row the last time we fought, and possibly could've done so more if our Xelor hadn't kicked the bucket afterward happy

I've been editing this post repeatedly as we discover more details of the mechanics, so check it out!
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Stalag dungeon probs the easiest in the 156 level range
Tl:dr hide behind a spike always to avoid getting 1 shot
No post about stalag but it's fairly straight forward. When you start your turn during the first phase he'll put a blue marker under you. When you end your turn a spike will form on the spot and will kill you if you're on it. If a mob is on it it does 2k damage but doesnt spawn a spike if they live. 
Boss will do a lane wide attack (5 cell AoE from one side of the map to the other that pretty much one shots you. Spawns from him to the opposite side of the map.) On turn one it's 5 cell from him, on turn 2 it's every other cell aka the side lanes. That repeats until phase 2 where it hits everything. 
To avoid the damage you need to hide behind a spike. You want as many spikes as possible.
At phase 2 he'll stop spawning spikes and spawn death tiles under you so the spikes are a finite resource.
During phase 2 he'll summon mobs. If you kill them you can control them. If you're controlling it it will die at the end of its turn and spawn a spike. Their HP is bugged rn and doesnt change but you can kill them with normal dps.
Boss has low max hp so ez to kill with range.
Watch out when spawning spikes. If there's too many close to each other IE 4 in a line he will despawn some. Probably a cheese prevention mechanic. 
Having a map manipulator start first is good so they can throw you into good spike positions.
Edit: Looks like best tactic is to have a map manipulator go first and throw you far up on the middle lane then everyone moves over to a side lane to give yourself as much room as possible. If you have no Panda start on the side lanes, move as far up as possible/comfortable, then turn 2 end as far up as possible/comfortable in middle lane

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Thanks for sharing... 

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Serenade-Omega|2018-12-26 06:13:05
Edit: Recently, an ally got KO'd by the boss's "water jail" attack that insta-kills if you don't end your turn in-line with a barrel -- but they were in-line with a barrel, and nothing else was on the line.  So any instances of the barrel shots ignoring players may just be a glitch.


Same thing happened to us. Ending in line with a barrel did nothing.
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Did anyone already try the lvl 141 Pandalucia dungeon?

Although straightforward in mechanic, I was wondering if someone found extra hidden mechanics revolving the boss/monsters (Being anywhere behind any of the monsters/boss will put Sudden Death on you, putting you at 1 HP at the begnning of a turn (Of the monster triggering it I believe)
The boss can only be damaged while you have the Sudden Death state on you.

I was wondering if there were ways to better circumvent or remove the condition - As it is now, even have one enemy face sideways on the corner of the map can effectively kill your entire team.

For now I'll just try and use a Panda to change the direction of certain enemies?

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I have a question about Elite Riktus. The boss is very straight forward but the mobs are quite lethal in high stasis. If nothing is done, they keep stacking rebellion (-red, +final dmg) and ramp up their damage faster than I can kill them. Any advice here? How do I stop the rebellion state from stacking on all monsters? It says "if conditions are met, gain +1 rebellion" so I'm wondering what the conditions actually are. I experimented a bit but nothing seems to work. 

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