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Battlegrounds are fun (not)

By SacroHunter - MEMBER - July 27, 2018, 19:45:02

Really, what kind of PvP Battleground rewards you for winning 2 battles and just sit behind a door for 20 minutes?

I'm speechless.
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Battlefields have a million and one issues and I don't see them caring about it anytime soon
Maybe in a year or two

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Here's an easy fix. Remove free-for-all and make King of the Hill instead. The team that stays in the middle longest, wins.

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That sounds good. Solves the afk bullshit and somewhat helps with the whole "camping in the enemy team respawn" issue.

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Ah, lol, one of the blues in the picture is me.
Don't worry I did not get any reward for that AND I just "joined" for the last 15 minutes or so.

The way Free-for-All Bfs play out (and most of them do with that kind of score), shows perfectly though, how much interest there is for actual PvP in this game... at least in its current form.

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Sit back and relax, If you are not finding out people to kill or fight  is because they don't want to. (Shows where pvp in game is.)
If they want, you can fight each other, if they don't just leave it.
Wonder why they don't want to fight? They don't have the advantage or not enough players or don't even want to be bothered with getting attacked and killed over and over again.
And they only take a small amount of merit or any reward and that's for the 45 mins they sit there, Its not that bad, you get your stuff, they get there share. It's nominal.

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If you don't want to PvP you don't go to battlegrounds.

It's like if you go to McDonals and just stand on the counter and don't order anything. Then you get food like all the people who have ordered their food and paid for it. 

Is that fair?

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