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Hammle Mark, ST or D. Mastery, Low lv Equipments

By Alphonrismes - MEMBER - May 30, 2018, 20:20:53

Hello. I have some questions about Eniripsa class.

1) Hammle Mark : how does it work ?
"this mark can redirect damage suffered by the target in a square around themselves". I don't know if main target's damage is reduced.
For example :
The mark can redirect 80% damage. Without the mark, main target suffers 100 damage.
With the mark, 80% damage is redirected so main target suffers only 20 damage and others characters around him will suffer 80 damage. ?

2) Sigle Target Mastery or Distance Mastery ? 
I usually solo so i like balance healing-damage build. Which one should i choose, Sigle Target Mastery or Distance Mastery ?

3) Equipments :
Which "equipments' properties" should be prioritised ? ( My order is AP > MP > Elemental Mastery > Prospecting > Wisdom)
My lv is 87. Could you recommend me some equipments and ways to get them ? (which dungeons, quests ,... )

Thank you in advance. I really appreciate any help you can provide. 

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1 - main target's damage doesn't get reduced.

2 - I say single target, almost all of Eniripsa spells are ST Spells, and there's monsters/classes that could lose your range or MP or lock you, don't forget that you can't stay really long in a distance between your enemy.

3 - you can get/find these sets in Crobak(or something) dungeon


Alphonrismes|2018-05-30 22:11:14
Thank you.
Does ST and D. Mastery affect healing spells ?

Yes it does. 
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Thank you.
Does ST and D. Mastery affect healing spells ?

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