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Huppermage revamp = Nogord unbeatable?

By ylalive#3604 - MEMBER - April 05, 2018, 14:26:22

Will-o-the-Wisp without stablized effect. And Cra has no bouns MPs with role play.  Does Ankama think about a UB called Nogord in game?   I have try it for 2 months, nearly a hundred attempts. Everything is over now.  

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Nah. Nogord has already been done without Hupper by french guilds before rework. 

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its possible done it before rework.  But now it‘s unbeatable.

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I think croton posted a vid after the rework with enu and hupper killing it

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it doesn't deny the fact that nogord became even harder than it was through the reworks that limited one of the major reason nogord was still killable by normal players,and would definitely use a massive review on his mechanics, the fact that pro players can handle him won't magically prove that this UB is a free candy for every passing by,i mean yeah nogord was designed to be a huge challenge for sure,but at some point scoring 3M against ogrest is MUCH easyer than beating nogord through any possible team composition

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Nogord was never intended for normal players tho.

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Beaten.. There are safe spots on the left side of the screen without the AOE stab. 

Or you can set up so you are behind 2 stabilised characters so you don't move. 

The change didn't actually make it that much harder, but means we are less reliant on hupper and more on other chars with stabilise abilities. 


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