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Stasis 50 Mobs with Mortar Status (Crab dungeon).

By vermillionsparrow - MEMBER - March 18, 2018, 14:58:10

It has come to my attention that when I was running Royal Crab Dungeon (Stasis 50)
I have noticed something that devs should really look into.
Particularly on mobs imbued with the Mortar Status. 
Though I understand that Stasis 50 should be a challenge, however, I already did at least 10 hrs of running(Stasis 50), I noticed that your chance of winning over mobs imbued with a  Mortar Status is close 5%. For just 3 turns its expected that an entire party will be wiped out it's kinda not fun at all!

Here is the situation. 

All of my chars use the default emblem which i find satisfactory with a 3000 hp 9ap and 6mp at lvl 80. 

however on the enemy side, most of there stats range from 3.5k to 5.5k hp, which I find it to be fair, however, if the mob is Imbued with the Mortar status, it kinda imbalances the whole fight coz it does not give you a chance to rebound. 
imagine they tend to hit 700-800ish damage per turn coming from 3 mobs that are tanky as hell, usually, 3 mobs are imbued with the status.

If im missing something, im well open towards strategies that would work. 

my whole team consist of:



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The mortar effect is quite broken, it has always been. The only way to "counter" it is staying in melee range with the mortar carrier. But if they spread all over the map, it's impossible not to get hit by one.

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