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Grand Orrok Dungeon

By - MEMBER - February 27, 2018, 18:56:46

I need some help with this dungeon guys. The boss hits with 2000 damage and I cant figure out how to beat him.

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I think you mustn't end your turn in line with the totems he summons

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 Or go with stasis 1

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Watch out for the totems: In addition to the totems that push you towards the opposing edge if you end your turn standing in a straight line with them, the boss also repeatedly spawns one special totem. You must destroy that totem within 2 turns (or such, can't exactly remember) to prevent the boss from charging up that crazy special attack.

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In my experience if you end your turn in line of any of the 2 totems he summons, he smacks you for tons of damage

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Very late but I figured because this is the top result when googling "Wakfu Grand Orrok" and I couldn't find the answer anywhere, i'll add this here.

The massive nuke only happens to you if you have 5 stacks of the toxin.

Being pushed into the edges of the map gives +2, 
Most of the mobs attacks give you +1
and the devious totem gives everyone +1 at the end of each round.
You naturally lose 1 at the end of your turn tough.

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ooooh, that makes sense, tnx

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Thanks a lot!!!

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